Thursday, December 8, 2005

My favorite Beatle

John Lennon...Silenced 25 years ago today. Imagine what could have been.

I remember waking up on the 9th, I had a clock radio in my room at the time. I really had just discovered rock-n-roll a year or two previous (I was 12). I loved the Rolling Stones (one of my best girlfriends at the time was a big Stones fan) and I had just received the Double Fantasy album that year (I think for my birthday, that Stones fan, Suellen, got it for me). It was the first thing I heard that morning. I don't remember how I felt...I do remember hearing it, I can even remember how my room looked that of those distinct memories...but I don't remember how I felt.

I know now. I would like to know what the world would be like if John Lennon was still in it.


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