Sunday, December 18, 2005

Big Christmas Tree!

Well, there are other ways of describing this tree, but there are children who read this site! ;-)

We went a huntin' our christmas tree yesterday! Brock and I found this great Tree farm way out in the wilds of Chester County a few years ago and we love going there. The prices are good and their trees are pretty darn good too. It's a cut your own, but they actually have guys out there who will cut your tree with a chainsaw and carry it back in on a cart! Wooo Hooo! So, yesterday, we had John, John and Biff help us with our tree!

We had specific criteria for the Christmas Tree (as we do every year); Brock wanted skinny, Cyndy wanted TALL! Leda doesn't have a say yet! ;-)

It took us all of about 15 or so minutes to decide on the 2005 Yates Christmas tree! Unfortunately, the first tree had a bit of a problem, it had a leader branch that was all the way at the bottom and cutting above it would mean half the tree wouldn't come home with us! So, we had to go choose another. (That's John getting ready to do the cuttin'!)
Cutting the Second Chosen Tree
Not very far from the first one, we found THE tree. So, we ordered the cuttin' and we headed back to wait for our tree. Leda found all of this a little boring (and a little windy and cold, but she was bundled up nice and tight and warmly, so she didn't feel the cold. She did look bored though! ;-)
Leda, a little bored at the tree huntin'!
So, we paid for our tree, loaded it in the truck and headed home. We didn't put it up right away because we had other things to do, and we went over to the Durham's for dinner, so the tree, well, he sat out on our back porch for the night.

Just a little while ago, Brock and I brought the tree inside. Leda was/is down for a nap, so perfect timing. We put the tree in the holder, and raised him up...OH.MY.GOODNESS!

Becareful what you wish for, you might get it...
Big Christmas Tree, 2005
I wanted a big tree...we got a 10.5 foot tree...Brock's gotta cut off about 8 inches at the top so the angel can sit there! With her head on the ceiling (now, tell me, with me afraid of heights, who do you think is gonna have to help decorate the tree this year???)

We have to do a little tying down of said tree...he's pretty stable, but maybe it's because of the little one, I want it tied down just in case! This IS the biggest tree we've ever had. I am MORE than satisfied with him! (he's gotta be positioned better, we are waiting for him to relax before we start moving him around...he does have a few open spots on him!

So, we'll be a decoratin' today! Leda and Mommy are gonna watch White Christmas while we put ornaments on the tree (well, Leda will watch, Mommy will put ornaments on the tree!) And, maybe later, if we have time, make some cookies and other treats! Yummmmm!

Can't wait...7 more days! WOOO HOOO!

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