Friday, September 9, 2005


Well, now that I have your undivided attention...

Just a few quick items from our vacation, to hold you over until I can get the pictures loaded over the weekend...

*I finished TWO books...that's right TWO books...and no, one of them was NOT Harry Potter, so I still don't know what happens, so don't tell me! I actually decided to stop reading Harry until I can go back and re-read Phoenix, since I am completely lost...need to refresh my memory. No, instead, I read the latest James Patterson book (that's right, Mom, I have caught up to you! Ha!) and I read my mother-in-law's new book (her first!). Wanna check it out: The Gift of More

*On the way home yesterday, we discovered (actually, I discovered) Leda has a tooth!!! Yep, our little monster has a little white tooth pushing through! Of course, I discovered the hard way...she grabbed my finger and CHOMPED down! Ouch! It didn't hurt because she bit hard, but because that thing in her mouth is SHARP! Whatever you do, keep your hands away from the child!

*We have the BEST Kid and BEST Dog in the whole wide world! The two of them were well behaved all week long! We have the best little family we could ever hope for!

More on our vacation later! And, the pictures are to die for! So check back late in the weekend!

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