Monday, September 12, 2005

Hanging out at the St. Lawrence Riverway

Our little family headed up to the St. Lawrence River for Labor day weekend - we had such a nice, quiet time. We spent a week up there, hanging out and doing not much of anything. We did manage a trip over to Canada to visit with some wonderful Canadians. And Brock fished a bit (kept catching the same poor lil' bass! And, I mean little!! ;-)

We headed up late Thurs (9/1/2005) after Leda had her nighttime bottle - we figured, a 5 hour trip, best time to leave was when she would go to sleep for the night - it worked okay - she did seem to be awake for about an hour when we got there, but she just talked quietly to herself for that period of time and finally fell asleep! It was Nana Pam's birthday, and she had had a book signing that day (more about her book later) and Stacey, Stephanie and Missy had come up to surprise her, so it was a busy house at 2 in the morning!! Some of us went to bed, some of us hung out looking at pictures and talking until the early morning....guess who went to bed early (me, thank you! hehe)

Friday was a nice day...we were expecting some rain, but it didn't appear that way in the morning - it was simply beautiful.

Give Peas a Chance! Tree

We hung out, then we headed off to the Riversedge in Alex Bay for a little lunch. Leda was absolutely a joy at lunch - smiling and cooing at everyone! The rest of the day consisted of naps, a little reading, some fishing and some hanging out. It was nice. The Girls headed off for home around dinner and we had some dinner with Grandpa and Nana (well, Brock and Pam, since Leda had gone to bed by that time!!). The rain did appear in the late afternoon/evening, so we had a little rain before dinner - we had a little straight line wind come through which was pretty interesting! Very powerful!

Saturday was another gorgeous day! We lucked out on our pick of a week!Pam and I headed off to Clayton to return a dress that Nana had purchased for Leda - it was a little small so we exchanged it - and I couldn't resist a couple more outfits - they had westies on them, come on! Had to! Clayton is a bit different from Alex Bay - Alex Bay is kinda like Wildwood and Clayton is a bit more like Stone Harbor - or Alex Bay is a bit more honky-tonk and Clayton is a bit more refined, antique boat museum and all! We took a look into a couple more shops in Clayton and headed off to meet the men and Leda at the Riversedge for lunch.

The Riversedge is a neat place - you eat your meals while looking out across the bay/river at Boldt Castle. Boldt Castle is a castle...built by George Boldt for his beloved wife. It took years to get it to the state it is in today and all construction was stopped when his wife died. He literally had all construction can still see where they just left materials around the island. Anyway, it was taken over by the historical society and they are fixing it up a bit and it is now kind of like a museum of the High Society that used the St. Lawrence as their getaway back in the late 1800s early 1900s. Anyway, it's a beautiful view while you are having a little lunch! And, every once in a while, a cargo ship might go by! (but I am a little more interested in the beautiful Yachts that float by!)

The rest of the day consisted again of hanging out, napping, fishing (catching that same little bass - poor was like the school got together and elected him dork of the week! ;-) A little light dinner and off to bed.

Sunday, Nana and Grandpa took off for home and Mom, Dad, Leda and Duff hung out, napped and fished! (sensing a pattern here??) Well, we did go for a walk to the bridge and back. And we had an AWESOME display of nature with a sunset that seemed to set the sky on fire.

Sunset Sky on Fire

Monday dawned and was another beautiful day. There was an interesting fog that was just lifting off the river when we woke up.
Morning Fog (and Canadian Geese)

In the afternoon, we got dressed in our finest casual look and headed off to Canada.

We found a really fun way to get to Canada without having to sit in the lines at customs! We head on down to Cape Vincent (a 25 mile drive from the house in the direction of Kingston) and hop on a small ferry (fits about 10 cars, and that's if they are small and they are PACKED ON!!) to Wolfe Island - Wolfe Island is in Canada and you actually hit customs when you get off the ferry - it's pretty cool. We then head across Wolfe Island to the other Ferry - a much bigger ferry - that takes us across to Kingston. Then, it's not much further to Elginburg to visit the Corcorans.

Dan and Debbie are One Lappers! Dan and his son, Kyle, participate in the event, and Deb works on one of the timing crews. They are really great people who we try to visit everytime we get up into the area. They had us over for dinner and had Mark and Karen, friends of theirs, join us. We know Mark and Karen from many visits to the Corcoran's and Mark used to run the One Lap with Dan. We had a really nice visit with wonderful friends - and Leda, not only visited her first "foreign" country, but met her first foreigners! ;-)

We headed back to the U.S. around 9ish and made it through customs in record time (took 5 minutes! Wow!) - we had to come back across the bridge, because the ferry from Wolfe Island to Cape Vincent only runs until 7pm.

Tuesday was another beautiful day spent hanging out, napping and fishing! ;-)

Leda Leda checking out the St. Lawrence

We did spend a little time walking around Alex Bay in the evening before Leda's bedtime. But, that was about it! Oh, we also visited Grass Point State Park - a beach on the river - Leda loved splashing in the river - pictures are on the 35mm which need to be developed, so you gotta wait for those!

Wednesday was another beautiful day spent hanging out, oh, we did head down to Clayton for about an hour before lunch. Oh, and we did get a short nap - and I think that poor lil bass may have gotten hooked again. We did have visitors - the Corcoran's came over to have dinner with us.
Leda's first Foreigner - Debbie!
We headed out to the Clipper Inn in Clayton for a really nice dinner - wow, the Clipper Inn was nice...the food was great and plentiful! You should see their specials menu! It's as big as the regular menu!! We hadn't eaten there before, but we will eat their again. We had a nice little dinner with Deb and Dan - who were very gracious and took some family pictures out by the dock before dinner. We'll see what Dan got on the 35mm in a week or so, but here's what Deb got on the digital!
Thursday morning we woke up to overcast skies that threatned to drench us while we packed up the was going home day! We headed down to the dock to say goodbye...
Saying good-bye to the river! 9/8/2005
We ran around, cleaned the house, packed our suitcases, and ran out our stuff to the car in the pouring rain! We headed down to Alex Bay to have some lunch at the Dock by the Bay (an actual pub!) and then back to the house to gather up the dog and lock up...of course, as soon as we had everything and everyone in the car, it stopped raining! It figures! Anyway, we headed home.

We stopped around 5 for gas and I hopped in the back seat with Leda to feed her dinner. As we were riding back there, she was hanging out, staring out the window, I read a little of my book - Leda grabbed my hand and bit down...OUCH! Something sharp got me...a TOOTH!! WOOO HOOO! And not one sign to warn us (even better!!) She's sleeping fine, no diaper rash - she's just drooling and putting EVERYTHING she can get her hands on into her mouth! It's really exciting.

So, to recap, it was a beautiful week, beautiful weather, lovely family, lovely friends, hanging out, napping and catching one lil bass fish who got voted dork of the week! Oh and I finished TWO books and started a third! And, no, none of the books was Harry Potter 6, so don't tell me what happened!!!

Sorry for the long post, considering the recap, it might be overkill! ;-) And, as always, click any of the pictures to go to my account - there's always more pictures there!!

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