Monday, September 12, 2005

Not so much interested in the TV as she is the remote control

Boy, is her daddy in trouble when she gets older! hehehe

Leda, for what ever reason (oh, I don't know, maybe because Daddy and Mommy seem to use it an awful lot!) is facinated by the remote control. And, not ALL remote controls, only the one that we used to change the TV channels (I've tried giving her the DVD remote or the stereo remote to no avail...want the TV remote!)

So, Saturday, on my shopping trip to Target, I picked up a toy remote for her to play with.

She likes it, she plays with it, but if that TV remote is in eyesight, forget it!

Here's Leda attempting to get the remote - the remote is in that wooden tray (our new coffee table configuration!)...and yes, she is standing - alone! Of course, you can see, the dog is giving Brock the "you'd better not let her fall or there'll be hell to pay" look...!

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