Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The dog is hiding in the basement - it must be Football Season!

If you have ever watched a football game, specifically an Eagles football game, with me and/or any one of or group of my family members (that would be those family members on my mom's side), you know that it can get quite loud - okay, REALLY loud! We yell at everything...we are the 12th team member! Seriously, sometimes, the louder we yell, the better the team does, really! I've seen it happen! ;-)

Well, in our house, I watch football alone...Brock has too much fun rooting for the other team, just to work me up (which, as you may know, is really unnecessary), so he's not allowed to watch the game with me...and more than likely, he doesn't really want to anyway! He's a Cleveland Brown's fan, so what does he know anyway? ;-) The dog, Duff, can't stand the yelling...he apparently thinks I am yelling at him - so he tends to slink out of the room when the game goes on.

START RANT: I HATE Monday night games! Truly...Why do we on the East coast have to suffer a football game that doesn't go to halftime until 11pm and doesn't end until 12:30 or 1AM??? Why can't they start the game around 8pm or better yet, 7pm? If you live on the west coast, leave work early! END RANT.

So, last night was my first Monday night game with a sleeping baby in the other room...we live in a small house, so I know that my exuberance about the game must be kept at a very low level, or else I will have a screaming baby! How am I going to do this?? Well, I think, at least the dog won't leave the room...

So, I turn on the Eagles game, find out that Trotter and some two bit Falcons player have been ejected from the game BEFORE THE DARN THING STARTED! WHAT??? I yell that very quietly (really, I did...you could barely hear it!)...the dog, looks at me, looks at the tv, and with his tail between his legs, ears down, looking like he just lost his best friend, leaves the room and heads for the basement to spend the rest of the evening with Brock.

Yep, it's Football Season at the Yates household!

P.S. I made it until 11:15...so, I heard the bad news this morning...at least it was close and at least Vick was shut out for a full half! Time to move on to San Fran!)

P.S.S. AND, what was up with that helmet hit to McNabb's chest??? Isn't there a rule about leading with your head?? That was completely a bad hit.

P.S.S.S. I think about a week ago I had said something like I wasn't ready for Football...guess I got over that pretty darn quickly!

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