Thursday, September 1, 2005

September already??

Where does the time go??

Brock, Leda and I are off to the Thousand Islands for a week to relax and read books! We are looking forward to doing not a whole lot - other than visiting friends in Canada, we really are doing NOTHING! And it will feel good!

If you come here while we are gone, don't forget to help out our fellow Americans in the Gulf Coast region by giving what you can: Things look devistating for that region. Brock and I were in New Orleans in '99 when our friends Dan and Christine got married and it is a fun and neat town. It's amazing to think that a whole city (much less the whole region!) can disappear right before our eyes.

On the up side, check back here late next week/weekend to see what I am sure will be cute pictures of Leda tanning herself on the St. Lawrence.

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