Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pictures of Leda

I am not very creative tonight, so no special blog title. Just couldn't come up with one!

This past weekend was a nice one, albiet damp. Oh, and the Eagles losing - more on that later.

On Satuday Leda and I did crafts - actually, I did crafts, and Leda did what she wanted to do! We created a stepping stone for Grandpa and Nana (and for you other grandparents out there, you'll get one too - I didn't screw the first one up bad enough to warrent not attempting it a second or third time) and Mommy made a macaroni necklace while Leda munched on uncooked macaroni (never hurt me growing up!)

On Saturday night we headed over to the Durhams for dinner and the game. We left at halftime when I think we were winning. I put Leda to bed (which means her Westbrook jersey had to come off) and Brock and I watched the rest of the game. It was around the 4 minutes left mark (actually I think it was 3 minutes left to go - when they were going to attempt the 4 and 10 play, I think) when I realized that I had gotten into my pajamas, and although I was wearing my Eagles NFC Champions t-shirt, I had taken my jersey off. So I ran up and threw it back on, but we lost anyway. So, it's probably my fault for removing Leda's jersey - she should have slept in it.

Hey, can't be too upset this year - I mean, who expected us to get this far 8 weeks ago? Not I! So I can't be too upset - and they played a good game. And, the Cowboys didn't get this far! Ha! There's always next year!

I am looking forward to da Bears vs. New Orleans game. I will be rooting for Chicago, but it wouldn't be too bad to see New Orleans in the Super Bowl either!

On Sunday, the weather was damp and foggy, so we stayed in the house and made it a pretty lazy day. I read a book, Leda played, we watched football.

Leda and Daddy did go out to play on the porch for a little while. Brock was throwing a bouncy ball on the roof and letting it bounce down to the ground and Leda just thought that was the bees knees!


She's growing up fast!

Oh, and Brock took this one late last week - her Grandma and Granddaddy gave her a kitchen for Christmas which we set up in the corner of the living room for her to play with. She can take the sink out - so she did, then she climbed in the cabinet below and out the sink hole. Cute!
Leda in her kitchen - LITERALLY!

We are looking forward to a visit from Aunt Aimee later this week! That will be fun!

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