Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our little dancer

I had this great video moment last night.

Brock had his stereo (computer) tuned to an old Commander Cody concert and was playing it loud - "Hot Rod Lincoln" started and Leda just started dancing and clapping and bouncing around. It was so cute, I ran to grab the little digital camera that takes video (yes, that one that stopped working a few months back - long story short, Brock fixed it enough for it to start taking pictures again).

I shot video of Leda dancing, and clapping, and bouncing around to the music. It was just so cute. I was so excited to post it to the video blog (remember the video blog? yeah, me barely too!)

Well, we found something not completely right about the old digital camera. The video was dark (but that might have been the dark basement, so not completely surprised on that end) but most importantly, no sound. None at all. You couldn't hear the song, you couldn't hear my child laughing and giggling. You couldn't hear Brock and I laughing. Nothing. Nada. Silence.

So, I am not posting the video. I will, however, start using the old video camera that my sister-in-law passed down to us, now that I have a dvd record with VCR! I've gotta start video taping some of these more precious moments before they are gone.

All is not completely lost - I have a beautiful memory of my child dancing like she had not a care in the world. I hope she does that a lot for the rest of her life.

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