Friday, January 12, 2007

January Plans

You know what they say about best laid plans?

We had discussed early last month switching Leda's room and my office - Leda's room is small and my office is a little bit bigger, so we thought, considering the amount of toys that she has, and the fact that the toys just keep getting bigger, that moving her into the bigger bedroom now was a good idea. And, the fact that basically what used to be the guest room is no longer a guest room now that it is my office, the smaller room would be more than sufficient as an office.

So, now that you all know that if you were invited to our house, you would have no place to stay...

So, the plan was that during this month, I would spend one weekend cleaning the office, then one weekend painting the office and prepping it to move Leda's things into it and then one weekend moving the two rooms. The first weekend of the month I was pretty much down for the count - no cleaning my office, which during the holiday season, became the catch-all for just about anything and everything - if we had to have stored the kitchen sink away during Christmas, you would have found it under a pile of stuff in my office. I was lucky, I could still sit at my desk and work - guess I was just lucky that my desk is right inside the door!

I figured that maybe this weekend I would get a chance to start cleaning the room. I am feeling better, so that's a plus. Then I experience the week from h-e=double hockey sticks. Well, the first three days, anyway. Then, we had Thursday.

Leda has, in the past two weeks, been found trying to get her leg up over the drop gate of her crib. I started to think that maybe I was going to have to do something about that. Well, yesterday, just after Brock had put her down for a nap, we heard one of those sickening 'THUDS' from her room.

As my office is right next to her room, I was in there in a flash. I found her lying on her back and starting to cry (great sign, although, at the time, I was terrified).

She had attempted to climb out of her crib, and fell to the floor.

After about 5 minutes of crying - I was, strangely, terrified, but not crying - and checking all her limbs, her eyes, her head, every inch of her to make sure she was not scarred for life, we determined that the kid, she was fine. Brock was so bold as to think, well, she won't try that again. Ha!

Ten minutes after we got her calmed down and back in bed for her nap, Brock went back into her room to check on her and found her attempting to CLIMB OUT AGAIN!

So, our dilemma - do we convert the crib into the toddler daybed to keep the child from killing or maiming herself in the middle of the night? (and, subsequently, allow Mommy to sleep a little sounder - yeah right!) Or do we hold off as long as we can?

Decision time. If we can, we are going to try and hold her off until the end of the month when we can try and get her into the bigger room - maybe we can make it an event - move into a "big girl" room, get a "big girl" bed. Maybe will make the transition a bit easier. We also have to step up plans to place the gate at the end of the hall to keep her in the bedroom areas and out of the rest of the house while her Daddy and I sleep soundly in our beds!

So, this weekend will find me shopping for paint and prepping the walls of the office. Brock and I did get most everything that needed a home out of my office and into a place of its own, so really all I have to do is straighten up, clean and prep the walls. Next week, Aunt Aimee is coming for a visit, we may even have enough room for her to sleep in my office! When she leaves on Saturday morning, we'll be painting away! And, then, we may be so lucky as to move the two rooms the following weekend and we may have a "big girl" sleeping in a "big bed" by the end of January.

Remember last year this time? She was just starting to walk.
Now, she's about ready to move into a toddler bed. Time flies and she's getting so big and more independent. It's amazing!

So, those are our plans for January! If we are lucky, in February I can move onto the plans for the dining room! ;-)

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