Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Walking and other stuff!

Almost! Yep, our little furniture surfer has taken the first tentative steps without assistance.

The first step (it was more like a half step) took place on Thursday evening (I think it was thursday evening, it may have been Wed evening...I don't remember exactly now, since I am EXHAUSTED, but that's another story!) Anyway, she took one step and fell into the couch. Then, the next day, over at the neighbors, and while Mommy was at work, of course, she took three more steps (Daddy's assessment!) Then, a few more over the weekend. We aren't exactly sure of ourself when we do take those steps, but we will take them, if there's something that we want out of our reach and there aren't any assistant-rendering pieces of furniture between us and that object.

So, yes, our lives will NEVER be the same again.

As for the exhaustion...we apparently have developed separation anxiety that apparently kicks in somewhere in the vicinity of 2-5 AM! We cry (and/or scream, depends on the response received!) and have to be put down several times over the course of about an hour before we fall back to sleep. It's lovely!

We also seem to be wanting to communicate...we have started to "wave." Not exactly sure what it means completely, but she's started to do the little baby wave...the one when you wave your fingers up and down, but your hand kinda stays still...if you turn it around, it's more like a "gimme" sign. I started doing this when I would leave for work ages ago and over the weekend, Brock put his jacket on to go out and stack wood, and Leda "waved bye-bye!" It was quite cute! But she does it all the time now....when we leave, when I say good-bye, when she's eating (although, then, she's doing it more in the "gimme" way!) In any case, it's interesting that she's picking up on how to communicate with us!

Leda and I are off to FL on Friday...Mommy's not looking forward to the flight! Hopefully little Baby will be too tired to wanna do much of anything but sleep (love those early flights!!) Anyway, Saturday is a day meeting every Sweat within driving distance of Jacksonville, so I hear! ;-) We are looking forward to the visit (well, Leda has no idea what I mean about visiting FL, but she'll figure it out sooner or later!)

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