Monday, January 8, 2007

Happy New Year

Hi! I'm back! Nope, not dead, just been a little under the weather. Between Christmas, New Years, a nasty cold and working like crazy, I just haven't had a chance to post. It's been a bit crazy.

Since last I posted, we visited with my father for Christmas, hosted somewhere around 40 people for a New Year's Eve Party, had colds, celebrated two Dallas Losses (Yippee) and two Eagles Wins (icing on the cake!) See, it's been a busy beginning of 2007! How could you expect me to post anything!

The last Saturday of the year we headed over to my father's to celebrate Christmas with GrandDad, Fay, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Wayne and Calean and Tristan. Leda had lots of fun running around with Tristan and Calean! And, it's funny how things barely change - when I was a kid, the house my father lives in now used to be my grandparent's and I remember not being allowed to go upstairs until it was time to go upstairs - at least, we weren't allowed to play on the steps - and what did my child want to do so badly? That's right, go up them darn stairs!

Trying to escape to the upstairs!

Click here to see some more photos of Leda and her Cousins!

On Sunday, the last day of the year, we prepared the house for the onslaught of party-goers we expected for the EIGHTH (!) annual Yates New Year's Eve party and breakfast. We had a lot of people and we had a lot of kids, and we had a toddler who somehow stayed away until 1pm and CRIED when everyone left! Of course, we didn't get a toddler who slept late - she sorta woke up around 6:30am and slept on me in a chair until around 9am!

My cold, that really started to bother me on the 29th really kicked in on the 1st of the year. And didn't really start to let go until today! So the past week has been one of little sleep (due to all the freakin' coughing I apparently can ONLY do at night!) and just plain yuckyness!

This past weekend we just hung around the house - I mostly didn't do much of anything but sleep on Saturday and lounge around on Sunday - definitely helped me feel better, but made me feel very sloth-like! The weather was strangely warm for January - I mean, it isn't often that we hit 72 degrees on the first weekend in January - in fact, the last time it happened was 1950, so technically, it hasn't happened in my lifetime! Unfortunately, I felt like crap, so didn't get to enjoy it much!

I did, however, enjoy the pants off myself (not literally) on Saturday night watching the Cowboys lose! Yep, that was priceless. I was probably more nervous watching that game, strangely, than I was watching the Eagles' game. I think that after the cowboy loss, everything that follows is icing on the cake! Truly, I didn't expect the Eagles to get this far - yeah, I know, I probably do deserve to be called a fair weather fan for that - so the fact that they got this far, and are going to the next round is pure icing!

So, this coming weekend will find me rooting for da Bears and the Iggles. And if they happen to meet the following weekend, I figure it out then! ;-)

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