Friday, May 9, 2008

What Ever Happened to Air Supply?

This question is what I thought late last night as, tired as I am, I am flipping through the TV channels because I CAN"T GO TO SLEEP!

I had come across one of those Time-Life music CD collections - Soft Rock - commercials. You know the commercials that last for like an hour and try to get you to buy the amazing collection of Soft Rock songs, for just 9.95 bucks for a 30 day trial. What they don't tell you is that you will more than likely pay 4 easy payments of 39.99 if you decide to keep them!

Anyway, interspersed with interviews with 'real live people' who are just GUSHING wonderful things about the collection are little snippets of each song on the album. Then, there are these two old guys who are basically the 'stars' who are selling the collection - I know they are supposed to be somebodies, but I'm more interested in checking out the old videos they are showing along with the little snippets of music - which, by the way, are giving me fits because I am having memories of my youth smacking me upside my head with every track!

And then there's the ever present Air Supply song on the Soft Rock album - "Even the Nights are Better" - and I think to myself, "Self, what ever happened to Air Supply."

And I am thinking that I am going to have to Google them in the morning, find out what Air Supply has been up to. Along with about a dozen other bands/singers that brought back memories as I watched this commercial.

Then, they come back to the two old guys, and one has a guitar and they start singing "All out of Love" and suddenly, I know exactly what happened to Air Supply. Air Supply became two old guys who sell Time-Life music CD collections, specifically Soft Rock, late night on hour long commercials!

Seriously! Check em out!

I'll tell you, I was starting to worry I'd be up later than I already was thinking about Air Supply and wondering if they made it out of the 80s okay, but that didn't have to worry me any more!

And, no, I did not "pick up the phone now and call to order...but wait, if you act now, we'll throw in the kitchen sink!"

Although, I thought long and hard about it....there are some songs in that collection I just might have to track down!

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