Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

At the last moment last week, we decided to take a trip up to NY to see Grandpa and Nana. Well, not completely last moment - we made the decision on Wednesday when we were lamenting about not having anything to do this long holiday weekend!

We had some dinner plans on Friday night with the Durhams and Karen, so we didn't leave until Saturday morning. The drive up was uneventful and we arrived mid afternoon. It was a beautiful day. We hung out with Grandpa and Nana and the dogs and we went for walks on the property and just enjoyed the day. Leda and I took a small late afternoon nap and after we got up, ran up to Wal-Mart for a game, because Leda got it in her head that she needed a game to play, since we wouldn't let her play with Scrabble (oh, wouldn't her Aunt Claire be happy to know that Leda REALLY wanted to play Scrabble!!).

Missy came over with pizza for dinner and we had a fun evening of playing with Leda's new princess Memory game - you know, the one where you turn all the cards over and you turn over two at a time and try to make a match. You have to remember where the ones that got turned over were. It was very entertaining, especially when both Leda AND Missy beat me! Yeah, well, if it had been a "name that tune" game, I would have beat them both, hands down!

Middle Falls, Letchworth Park

On Sunday, we headed over to Letchworth Park to see if we could catch the Air Balloons (we missed it!) and to take a look at the falls (didn't miss it!) and have a little lunch at the Glen Iris. It was a lovely day, we had a great time with Grandpa and Nana and Leda picked flowers and got to see lots of water and hear all of Daddy's "when I was a kid," and "when I used to work here" stories (Brock worked at the Glen Iris when he was a teenager).

Mommy, Leda and Daddy, Middle Falls, Letchworth Park

After a lovely lunch, we headed back to the house for naps and a little race watching (the finish of the Indy 500) and then a little dinner and then we headed out for some ice cream! Leda LOVED that! After ice cream we headed back to the house for bed time.

Monday morning we hung out all morning and relaxed, then we had a little lunch and got in the car for the ride home. Brock decided to take a different way home which took us up and down the mountains on winding roads. Leda slept the first half of the ride, then woke up and wanted to watch a video. We stopped for a potty break and put a movie in for her and she was perfectly happy for the next two hours. At some point she did ask for something to drink, and I gave her her milk.

Mistake! The milk was fine. It had been in a cooler with an ice pack. I think it was the winding roads that did us in. About 45 minutes from home, Leda started to complain of a tummy ache. Now, we didn't dismiss it out of hand, we did ask her about it, but the kid, she uses the tummy ache as a way to get a rise out of us when she wants something (yeah, we've told her the story of the boy who cried wolf, but she doesn't get it yet!). So when she started giggling, we didn't think much more of it than a way to get what she wanted (which was out of the car or another movie - it alternated for about 15 minutes last night!)

Then, she got quiet. For about a minute or two and when I turned around, she was not happy and salivating a little more than usual, so I told Brock it was time to pull over, but it was to late. The kid, she vomited. So, we got to a safe place and out of the car she came, off with the clothes, water was used to wash her down, etc. She seemed better after that.

So, once she was cleaned up and the car was cleaned up, we were on our way again. We decided to stop at KFC for dinner (Leda was SO excited about chicken nuggets!) About two minutes before we got there, Leda did mention her tummy hurt again, and I asked her if she could drink a little water, which she did and I asked her if it felt better and she said it did. When we got to the parking lot, she said she was fine, she skipped across to the restaurant and we went in and were looking at the menu. Leda asked me to pick her up, which I did and the next thing I know, I am covered in puke! Lovely!

Well, we couldn't get out of there fast enough. Home empty handed we came. Leda was fine, just a little residual from the ride home. She ate a dinner of scrambled eggs and toast without much issue and hit the hay with out issue. No ill effects. Of course, all that happened after Mommy and Leda it the showers the moment we got home!

So, moral of the story, NO MORE MILK on long drives!

It was a lovely weekend, drive home besides! We'll be heading back up in a few weeks, when the weather's a little more warm and Leda can go swimming!

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