Monday, May 12, 2008

Daddy's home...

Well, finally!

One Lap is over and I am no longer a single parent.

This weekend was a busy one...On Saturday Leda and I were on the go from first thing in the morning until she went to bed! We had portraits taken in the morning (Leda's 3rd year pictures - I also got a picture of her with me, but not sure I am happy with me in the picture! blah!) and then we spent the afternoon in downtown Phoenixville with Aunt Rachel, Calean and Tristan.

The 2nd annual Celtic Fest was held on Saturday, so that's were we went. It was a lot of fun, walking around and checking out the booths and getting some fish and chips and welsh cookies! We had so much fun.

We came home and the kids played while Aunt Rachel and I chatted. Since it was such a busy day, Leda didn't get a nap - she didn't really seem to need one! She was having so much fun with her cousins. We had a pizza dinner and then our visitors went home and Leda practically keeled over! She was in bed without issue by 8PM!

Does that mean that I got to sleep past 7 on Mother's day? Nope...up at 6:45AM!

On Sunday I made breakfast for Leda and I and we hung out for the morning and then in the afternoon, headed over to the Flogaus' for a little afternoon get-together. We stopped to get Miss Annie flowers for Mother's Day and Leda announced she wanted to get me flowers, try not to get all vaklempted in a public place when your three year old announces that she wants to buy you flowers...even though you will be the one paying for the flowers!

She picked out a plant for Miss Annie and one for me. It was real cute! Then we were off to see Annie, Dave and Danny. We spent a few hours hanging out before we headed home for a late nap and to wait for Daddy to get home.

Around 6, Daddy was home! We ordered a little sushi from the Japanese place and we had a nice little dinner as a family for the first time in two weeks! Leda was real happy to have her Daddy home.

This morning, I was up early again to take Leda to the doctor - her three year checkup - I told Brock I would do it - since he had along drive yesterday. She's a perfectly healthy little girl. No problems whatsoever. And she loves her doctor!

So tomorrow, I may actually get to sleep a little later than I have been used to the past couple of weeks! Of course, with my luck, I'll be up no later than 6:30! Blah!

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