Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amazing the Difference a Year Makes

I was refreshing my memory about last year's One Lap when I was left alone with a two year old!

Today daycare called and I had to go pick up Leda - she wasn't acting herself and she was spending a lot of time in the bathroom and complaining about a tummy ache. So, to err on the side of caution, I went and got her a little early.

Turns out, she is fine. She had no fever, no temp and she barely spent any time in the bathroom here at home. It may have been just an off day for her at daycare.

In any case, my daycare lady (whom we adore!) reminded me that practically the same thing happened last year...Brock goes away and the kid gets sick...only time she did in the past year, practically.

So, I was refreshing my memory and I re-read this post. And I'm thinking, what a wimp I was!

Although I am tired (and it's only been a few days so far), that has nothing to do with handling a three year old. That's more about how I really don't sleep well any, that sucks! Nope, three is no where near as bad as two was. And two wasn't nearly as bad as some parents have it.

Seriously, I couldn't have brought home a 2 year old with an hour left of work and asked her if she wanted to watch a little TV and veg out on the couch for an hour while I finished up some work. (Oh, yes, I did so...and I will not be ashamed of it...I really needed to finish up some work.) Nope, that 2 year old couldn't be left alone for that long without doing something to herself, the living room or the dog that we just couldn't live with. A three year old, she sat on the couch, put pretend make up on her dolly as she watched a little Noggin and let Mommy finish work. Quietly.

Again, it's only been a few days. I reserve the right to post a rant somewhere around Thursday of next week when I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!

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