Monday, May 7, 2007

To all the Single Parents Everywhere...

...You Rule!

Seriously, if you are a single parent (or ever were at any point in your life - hi Mom!) - You Rule!

How incredibly hard this parenting-by-yourself-crap is!

You really don't get how much your other half does until you have to do your own stuff AND the other half's stuff AND take care of a 2 year old at the same time.

And wow, you never get a minute to relax when you are a single parent. You don't have the time to go hide in the bathroom for 15 minutes or run out to the ATM to grab some money for the pizza delivery guy without packing the kid into the back seat first - and then, you get there, you can't well leave the kid in the car, so you have to take her out of the car just go get some cash! Thus, the reason why you grab some Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream while you are at it!

Okay, that was a little TMI, but, whatever! I've been a single parent for a week and I don't like it one bit!

I love my daughter. I truly do. And even though this is hard, I wouldn't trade it for those years when I got two whole weeks to myself during One Lap. Did I just say that? Seriously, the exhaustion has gone to my head!

Leda has been good the past week, even though a bit trying at times - Duff on the other hand has been in my lap the second my butt hits a chair or couch. I want to say the kid is driving me crazy, but it's actually the dog. He must have gone outside ONE BILLION TIMES yesterday. And that was just yesterday - if he wasn't in my lap, he wanted to go outside. And, as soon as I got comfortable, he wanted to come back in. ERRRRRGGGUUUUUUHHHHH!

I found a tick on Leda on Saturday afternoon. Yes, a tick - and not your ordinary run of the mill tick, you know the ones that give you Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (does that exist anymore?), nope, a REALLY TINY TICK! You know, a deer tick - the kind that gives Lyme Disease. Yup! Oh Joy! Yes, it bit her. Our neighbor, Dr. ER, basically said it's like closing the barn door after the cows got out. Nothing we can do it about it now, just look for any symptoms. Nothing yet, but according to everything I've read on the Internets, it could be up to a month to see any symptoms and then, we might not see any of the normal symptoms anyway. Oh Joy!

On Sunday it was a little on the chilly side and Mommy was tired, so we didn't really do a whole lot. We didn't go outside until after dinner for only a little while. Leda was swinging on the big girl swing and decided she wanted to get off mid-swing back and fell straight down onto her face. The scream commenced - hers not mine! The blood then began to flow - hers not mine. It was merely a flesh wound (she didn't find my telling her that in my finest Monty Python English Accent a bit funny at all) - her bottom two front teeth bit a bit into her bottom lip. More blood than anything. She was fine as soon as I gave her a cup of water to play with!

So much for returning the child to her father without a mark! ;-)

I'm back and forth about the road trip this weekend. Sometimes I think that I can't get out there soon enough to hand the kid off to her father and spend the day sleeping in the hotel room, then ten minutes later I think there's no way I can spend 10 hours in a car with this kid! ;-) Right now, I am looking forward to going. We'll see how I feel tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day and the next day!)

What is it about kids and waking up early on weekends??? All week I had to wake her up at 7:15am after I had taken a shower and gotten myself ready. On Saturday, I figured, yes! I get to sleep in until at least 7:30, maybe more! 6:30! She woke up at 6:30 in the morning. On Sunday, 7AM. Is this the reason teenagers sleep so late on weekends? Because they wasted all those mornings in their toddler years getting up AT THE CRACK OF DAWN???? What is it with these kids...I had to drag her out of bed again this morning.

Off to watch Dancing with the Stars...

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