Monday, May 5, 2008

This is My Life...

We had a pretty darn good weekend....albeit I didn't get too much sleep. We gardened, I mowed the backyard (all by myself!), we shopped, and we generally enjoyed each other.

Oh, and yes, I was up at 6:30 on Sunday morning as well! But don't worry, it wasn't the cat who woke me up, but the kid. Both are still alive and haven't been harmed in the writing of this post! The cat, on the other hand, was just DARN lucky this morning when she woke me up at SIX AM! I was so darn tired, I couldn't get out of bed to wring her neck!

Anyway, all was well over the weekend until just after dinner time Sunday night! Before dinner Leda had requested a lollipop. I told her after dinner. So, after we ate dinner, she immediately asked for the lollipop, which I gave to her, as she had eaten most of her dinner. Yes, the kid forgets NOTHING!

Then, the meltdown occurred.

I was on the phone with Brock, trying to get an update on One Lap and Leda was fooling around and after asking her MANY times (yeah, I'd fail the Super Nanny test!) to stop or I would take the lollipop away, I had to tell Brock that I would call him later and the lollipop was taken away and Leda had to sit in time out.

And, yes, I was mean mommy and threw out the lollipop. And no, I didn't give her another one after her time out. Which caused the child to run to her room and throw herself on her bed, screaming and crying hysterically.

Oh, I am good!

So, anyway, I sat down with Leda to calm her down a bit, and explain to her that she needs to be a good girl in order to get treats, and if she misbehaves or doesn't listen to Mommy or Daddy, she loses the opportunity to get or have that treat. In one ear, out the other, I am pretty sure. Sooner or later, it's got to sink in, right?? Ha!

I asked her to help me clean up her toys in the living room, which she did, and then we needed to tackle her bedroom. Being the bad cleaner that I am, I left her room in the disarray that it was after last Saturday's birthday party. Well, mostly - the kids (read: their parents) had piled up most all the toys into nice piles all over the room. I just needed to get everything in its rightful spot. So Leda was put to work (yeah, right, if work means playing with the toys while Mommy puts them away).

She did help some. That was good, and she did get praise for being a good girl and helping out. It was about 8 when we finished, which is bed time, so I told her it was time to get into Pj's and get into bed. She asked if she could have a lollipop and I told her no, that it was bedtime. I was then told that she was a good girl because she helped me and that she wanted a lollipop. I told her, yes, you were a good girl, and you did help, but it is bedtime and its not time for a lollipop.

Oh, and yes, it started ALL over again!

It wasn't so hysterical as the first meltdown. No, there was a little crying, no screaming. But then there was this....

Leda looked down at her hands, sat herself on her bed and with the most exasperated and defeated sigh, said, "!"

That's right, my THREE year old had decided that life really sucked. I almost wanted to tell her to wait until she's a teenager, then the fun REALLY starts!

I guess I can take solice in the fact that she didn't directly blame me for the sucky life she was experiencing last night! I am sure it's coming. I really expected it last night.

I can report, however, that it must have sunk in, those things I told her about doing as she was told and behaving herself, because this evening she was just about the bestest little girl in the world! She ate all her dinner (which got her some ice cream afterwards) and even cleaned up her toys in her room before getting into a bath! I really didn't expect that to happen, but boy was I surprised when I saw a cleaned up room! Wow.

See, this life ain't so bad after all!

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