Monday, January 16, 2006

The "too tired to come up with a good title" Post AKA Mommy and Leda's Weekend in Florida


Someone has replaced my mild-mannered child with a clingy, whiny, screaming kid. Please, return said mild-manner child immediately, no questions asked. Clingy, whiny, screaming kid is ready to be re-claimed.

Leda and I headed to Florida for the past weekend. It was planned months ago. We were looking forward to it. I knew that I might be in store for some fun on the plane, due to the fact that she was going to be older, more mobile than when we traveled to Portland, but figured, once we got there, once she got used to seeing Grandma and Granddaddy and Aunt Aimee and Uncle Kurt and Abby and Sami and countless other Sweat family members, Leda would be just fine. HA! Lesson Number one in Child Rearing learned the hard way: Never EVER expect the child to act as you would expect the child to act!

The plane problem. Luckily, the person who had the seat next to us didn't show up for the flight, so we had two seats to stretch out on the way down to Florida early Friday morning. I figured that MAYBE Leda would take a nap, but nope, she didn't, but she was perfect on the flight down and the nice lady that sat in front of us and I had a wonderful conversation for most of the flight down, so the flight didn't feel like 2 hours, more like an hour and a half!

Enter, Grandma. Mommy needed to use the restroom, so Leda got to spend a few moments alone with Grandma. She seemed okay. No crying. I came out and she reached right for me, but otherwise, no crying. So, hey, figured, she'll warm up to Grandma pretty darn quick, right?


Somewhere in the time it took to get from the airport to Grandma's house, the switch was made. My child was replaced with a child who wouldn't let me move out of her sight, wouldn't allow ANY one to hold her, cried and screamed if I moved out of about a foot reach - just plain was miserable - the WHOLE weekend. Leda wouldn't go to Grandma, not to Granddaddy, nope to Aunt Aimee, and the only reason she didn't cry around Uncle Kurt for about 5 minutes is because he bribed her with whipped cream and Key Lime Pie! Around the kids, no problem. Leda loved Sami and Abby and Kate and Brad and Reagan. Any grown up other than Mommy - Forget about it!

Oh, and then there was the bed time fiascos! One hour to get her to go to sleep on Friday (seemingly normal) but over an hour and a half to get her to go to sleep on Saturday! Oh Mercy!

The flight home was uneventful, other than the delay of about an hour (not fun when you already had a late flight...we didn't get home and in bed until 12:30 AM!) and a really obnoxious flight attendant who played with Leda pretty much for the first hour and 15 minutes of a two hour flight. Yep, try to get a kid to go to sleep when a loud (albeit, very nice) flight attendant is in her face. And, no, she wouldn't go to her either! Anyway, Leda finally fell asleep during the last half hour or so of the flight.

This morning, she was tired, but woke up before I left for work and, although she cried for a little while this morning (for what reason, we don't know...she probably was just tired) she's been a normal child all day.

Anyway, Leda has promptly been removed from Grandma's will until further notice (haha, just kidding!)

In anycase, the weekend was exhausting. Put that together with the H.E. double-hockey sticks that is my job, I could use a vacation! I wouldn't expect too much posting this week.

Oh, and it was wonderful to see everyone, regardless of the child switch. It was fun and it's always good to see family. And the Florida weather was nice (cold for them, nice for us! hehehe) And Granddaddy made a Low Country Boil that couldn't be beat! Yummm! And we got to see the finished Marson Homestead. It's really nice!

Oh, and currently, I am rooting for Seattle to make the big game (since Da Bears decided to blow the game yesterday!). Don't think I could pick between Pittsburgh and Denver, but I guess I'll have to root for Denver due to family obligations and then hope that Seattle whips their butts good! ;-) Anyone but Carolina! ;-)

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