Wednesday, January 25, 2006

9 Months Old!

Wow. 9 months old today.

What a little bugger she is! We would have never thought, 18 months ago, when we created this little creature that today we would be amazed by her ability to walk unassisted! Yep, 9 months old and she's taking 5, 6, 7, 8 steps by herself. She's even walking AROUND things in her way. Can you say baby proofing is underway?

Leda's developing quite a personnality. Who would have thought she'd end up stubborn - don't have a clue where she got that from! ;-) She get's something in her head and it takes forever to get her to focus on something else - take the t.v. remote for example. Wherever she is in the house, if that remote becomes available to her (i.e., within her reach), she drops everything she's doing to go after it. Brock has resorted to going to the Dollar store and buying cheap remotes to keep her from going after the good one. Tested the theory tonight...real tv remote becomes available and, with fake remote in hand (in death grip, that is!), off she goes to get the real remote. Theory disproved! ;-)

Visited the Dr. on Monday for Leda's 9 month checkup. She didn't have to get any shots (bonus!) but only because they didn't have the one shot she needed! We've got a 20.5 pound, 28 inch (not sure we trust the measurement, as this would mean she LOST an inch!) healthy baby! She's also very leary of the doctor this time around. Not sure she can trust him all of a sudden, and she sure as heck isn't gonna go to him! ;-) We've started weaning her off the formula and onto whole milk (wooo hooo, no more formula!) and need to start her on regular food, things she'll need to chew, which seems to be something she's ready for!

Leda will wave good-bye when I go off to work, or when Daddy leaves the room, or, it is completely possible that she waves bye to us because she wants us to leave! ;-) She's using a "gimme" gesture with her hands that seems to mean that she wants something and she's started to point - but not completely sure what that means yet. No words yet but she does seem to be wanting to communicate with us.

She's a trip. She can crack herself up. She "talks" while breathing's kinda funny! She does rasberries and seems to give us hugs on occasion. She doesn't seem to care much about Duff, although she will pet him if he's in one of our laps. Duff seems to like her. In fact, we think that her first word will probably be Duff!

Wow, 9 months! I just can't believe it. Only 3 months and she'll be a year old. I just don't know where the time has gone. I can remember her birth as if it was yesterday. Don't know what the next month holds in store for us, but, rest assured, all outlets will be covered, all electrical cords will be hidden, all heavy furniture will be nailed down. Our little Leda is on the move!

(will post pictures over the weekend...just didn't have the time tonight!)

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