Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Happy New Year!

We rang in 2006 at home surrounded by our wonderful friends! And Leda slept through most of it!

Our first guest arrived early, as he does every year (my Brother, Wayne!) and then they all started trickling in around 8pm! Leda hung in there until about 9pm, when I think the crowd of kids got a little much for her...I think we had about 7 or 8 kids in the house at that time! She went down very easily, considering our house has NO sound proofing and it was like the party was happening in her room! It apparently didn't bother her at all, as she slept like a rock for the entire evening! At least, she let us sleep until 7:45am the next morning (of course, Brock and I had only gotten to be around 2:30-3am, as usual! Can you say, "everyone took naps the next day?)

Anyway, the party was a hit, as usual! ;-) And, as usual, we had more food than necessary! And, Brock's breakfast was a hit again! We had 10 adults for breakfast (I think...there might have been one or two more than that, I lost count!) and a few kids were still hanging in there!

I have to say, watching Dick Clark was sad...I mean, it's great that he is doing as well as he is, considering, but it was just sad to see America's oldest teenager struggle to speak.

Anyway, we toasted the New Year with a new "champagne" this year (sparkling wine...it was American!) Brock and I picked up two bottles of Fat Bastard Sparkling Wine and, it must be said, that Fat Bastard was da Bomb! Wow, what a great champagne! We had many people mention that they really liked it, and that was coming from people that don't like champagne! I enjoyed it, and I like champagne, but not enough to drink it regularly...this, I would drink regularly! It was really that good! I suggest you run out and get you some! (Besides, the name is a conversation starter!) ;-)

Sunday was a slow day for us. Wayne crashed at our place and we all were up by 9. Leda went down for her morning nap and us adults slowly got ourselves together to head over to my dad's for his party. We attended for a little while, but with the long night before, Leda's afternoon nap time and me feeling like an 18-wheeler ran me over (not from drinking, but from the head cold I had been sporting since earlier in the week!), we headed home for a long napping session for all of us!

Yesterday, I had the day off and played with Leda (while not sleeping!). Leda was a little out of sorts yesterday, so she had three naps (which was WONDERFUL!). I think, unfortunately, she might be coming down with the cold I have. Or, she wants more food at feeding time, or, she was just plain cranky yesterday. Anyway, our normally happy child whined and moaned and cried most of the day. Occasionally she'd stop to smile at us! ;-)

So, back to work today. No pictures to post (can you believe it? EVERY year, I take one picture at our New Year's Eve party...ONE...of everyone enjoying breakfast in the New Year! I COMPLETELY forgot to take the darned picture this year! Duh!)

Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2006 is as great as 2005 was!

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