Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Easy Button

Tonight we learned two things about Leda...

Brock is always blaming me for the 'hands on the hip' attitude Leda tends to sometimes get. Tonight, the two were rough-housing around the living room and Brock thought Leda was about to bite him (a no-no in this house). He turned around, threw his hands on his hips and said, "Leda, don't you bite me." And she immediately turned around and threw HER hands on HER hips (almost a mirror image) and said to him, "I didn't!"

I sat there and watched it happen. I wish I had the video camera at that moment! And, for the record, she wasn't about to bite him at all!

Not a few minutes later or so, the two of them are still rough-housing and Brock is holding onto Leda's arms and she is trying to get away, laughing the whole time. He lets her go and she immediately grabs her right arm and starts crying - immediately we knew what happened. We aren't exactly sure HOW it happened, but her 'nursemaid elbow' was back!

Thank goodness Dr. ER from next door (have I ever mentioned that we LOVE our neighbors???? We do, we really do!) was home and he came right over to fix her up...and, you gotta love a doctor who makes a house call with a glass of wine (he had just poured it when we called!) So he takes a look at her arm, massages it for about a minute and boom, she's fine. He told her she was such an easy patient, she should have an easy button!

Dr. ER told us that not to worry, she WILL grow out of this...he can feel that her bones and joints are getting better. And that no lasting effect will be felt. But man, do we feel bad for our little girl! It's been quite awhile since this has happened (Aug 2007 being the last time!) Hopefully we can keep it from happening again!

So there you have it. Two things about Leda...1) the hands-on-hip thing, so her Daddy, and 2) she should have an easy button! ;-)

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