Monday, August 20, 2007

Good Riddance to Last Week

Last week sucked. I spent two days traveling back and forth to North NJ (about a 2-2 and half drive - both ways!), Brock was diagnosed with a fracture to the back of his 9th rib and last night we spent what I hope will be the only time in the ER with Leda.

Let me start there - Leda's fine. She was being a typical 2 year old last night after dinner, not listening to a word I said and Brock went to go get her off the steps (that I had told her to get off of) and he put her in a time-out. Which she screamed and cried about - we assumed because she wasn't happy not being allowed to do what she wanted to do (which I think was to play on the steps, which she has been told over and over again not to do - and has had countless time-outs about!)

Well, when the two minutes of time-out was over, she was told to come give me an apology and as she was walking over to me, I realized that she was holding her right arm. And, she was really not happy - in pain even.

It turns out, how we aren't exactly sure, that her Nurse-maid's arm got pulled out of joint again. Brock is pretty sure he didn't yank at her or anything like that and I know he wouldn't have done anything like that on purpose. But since it has happened before, it is more likely for it to happen again a lot easier.

Well, due to the fact that our neighbor, Dr. ER, was on his way to work, we had no other recourse than to take her to the ER to have the elbow put back into place. Luckily it was a short trip (unbelievable, but there was really no one at the ER last night) - we were in and out in about an hour.

Leda's fine. We just have to be very careful with her arm. The trauma to me and her father is probably a lot worse!

That was just the end to a horrible week. Last Sunday we had my Aunt and Uncle and cousins over for dinner and Brock was "testing" the zip line that we have strung up between our property and our neighbor's property.

Okay, let me explain - several years ago, our neighbor's kids got a zip line for Christmas (or something like that) and we strung it up between our house (a tree on our side) and their house (the playground) so that it would "zip" over the creek that separates our two properties. For years, Brock has taken his turn on the zip line telling me that it's to "test" the line so that the kids don't get hurt.

Well, again, on Sunday, he was "testing" the line before letting little Tommy ride on it and well, it broke - luckily AFTER he had crossed the creek and he had only to fall a foot or two. But he fell on his back. By the time I got out there, he was sitting on the ground a little dazed, but seemingly okay. I thought that we probably should go to the ER to have it checked out, but he said no.

By Wednesday he was in enough pain he finally went to the doctor, who did an x-ray and on Friday we found out that he had fractured the 9th rib in the back. So he's pretty hurting! The reason he didn't go with Leda and I to Pocono Raceway on Saturday - he didn't want to spend 2 hours bouncing around in a car!

So, we are really glad that last week is over. Hopefully this week will be a lot better! With the nasty chilly rain we have had the past two days, it's not looking too good!

Some more pictures of Leda at the track!
Leda buckles up!

Leda and GrandDad

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