Thursday, May 24, 2007

First trip to Dr. ER

It's not bad and didn't require us going any further than our next-door neighbor's house...

Leda and Daddy had a test of wills this evening. Daddy asked Leda to stop doing something and, as is her usual response as of late, she said, very clearly and distinctly, "No!" as if she knew what was best for her and not us.

Well, being that she had already had about three time-outs by this time (and all in the span of about an hour and a half), you can already imagine what the outcome of that NO was - Brock grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in the direction of the house for her fourth time out.

One of the things our next-door neighbor, who is the Dr. ER to whom I allude to, mentioned to us when Leda was just a baby, was something called "nurse-maid's arm." This is something that occurs when a child is picked up by the hands or swung around by the hands (something Brock looked forward to doing as soon as she was two, because Dr. ER told him not to do it before Leda was two!)

Leda was crying and I thought she was just mad because she didn't get her own way. Well, it turns out, her elbow got a little out of joint when Brock grabbed her by the arm away from what she was doing when she was told to stop doing it. He didn't mean to hurt her, but she was hurt and very distressed.

So, a quick call next-door to find out if Dr. ER was in and he was, so off next-door we went and Dr. ER popped it back into place and Ms. ER gave Leda cheese puffs and Mommy almost cried in front of the neighbors and all was well with our world once again.

But boy, was that scary. She was holding her arm and was very upset. But the difference between now and maybe six months ago, she could tell us that something was "hurt." What an amazing amount of communication barrier broken in such a short time! And our neighbors, what wonderful people they are, saved us hours and dollars by spending 5 minutes assessing and fixing our child. Yes, we will pay eventually, but it will be well worth it!

So, our first "serious" injury scare. Thank goodness it wasn't bad. And Leda seems none the worst for wear. And looking forward to the Grand-parental units visiting tomorrow and Saturday (Grandma and Granddaddy are coming for a visit) - with a trip to the Zoo and some picnic parties and a trip to the horse show and lots to do this holiday weekend!! Wooo Hooo!

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