Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Deep Trouble

Yes, that is what we are in, now that Leda has one of these...that now works!

Our neighbors gave us this motorized vehicle when Connor got too old for it. We loaned it to the Durhams for awhile, since Leda was a little too little for it. The batteries were pretty much done for. Brock just bought new batteries for it and they arrived yesterday. So Leda got to try it out when she got home from daycare. Needless to say, she loved it.

Yeah, I know, not enough posting. Well, just don't have a bunch to say...it is summer, the Olympics are on (Awesome stuff - So glad I stayed up late on Sunday night to see the men win the 400 free medley...wow!) and I'm pretty much hating computers these days...too much work! I am going to attempt to post a little more the next week or so....try and pick it up before Leda goes off to SCHOOL! That's right, Leda starts nursery school this fall! Unbelievable! (okay, its like a total of 5 hours a week...two days a week...but still!)

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