Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Charlie Brown and Philadelphia Sports

I just watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with Leda for the first time ever. Her first time ever...god only knows how many times I have seen it. However, it would be the first time in a LONG time for me!

Anyway, I got to thinking about how similar Philadelphia sports is to Charlie Brown. I mean, what is up with Charlie Brown? He's a good guy. He's even a good sport. He is willing to trust Lucy when she tells him, even signs an affidavit, that she will NOT pull the football out from under him when EVERY.SINGLE.TIME she does pull the football out and Charlie ends up flat on his back again.

It's like that with our sports here in this town...every time we think we might actually...well, you know...obtain the unobtainable (I am so not going to jinx our chances by mention the big event that a certain ball team in this city was participating in last night)....the proverbial football is pulled out from underneath of us. Usually this is done by our own team, but this time, the gods are playing havoc with our emotions. I mean, a nor'easter? In October? Snow? Seriously? I'm tellin' ya, I know exactly how Charlie Brown feels!

Enough of that...hopefully the previously mentioned 'big event' will be completed tomorrow night in a fashion that will make this town NOT feel like Charlie Brown! In the meantime...I just had the most enjoyable 60 minutes with my daughter, introducing her to the Peanuts gang for the first time ever. She thought the whole Lucy, the football and Charlie thing was hysterical! (yeah, figures my kid would find the humor in that!) And she thinks Snoopy is just the funniest, silliest dog she has ever seen. He was her favorite!

And commercials...boy do they suck! Leda kept asking, "is it coming back on? When is it coming back on. Where did they go...those kids? Are they coming back?" Yeah, commercials, they suck!

She wants to watch it again. I either have to go out and buy the DVD (which, to me, takes some of the magic out of these shows that we grew up watching only once a year, but that's just me) or the kid, she's gonna have to start learning disappointment!

Considering that she lives in Philadelphia and is being brought up a Philadelphia sports team fan, it's a lesson she's probably gonna need to embrace early on!

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