Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Favorite Halloween

This years Halloween was my favorite!

As I alluded to yesterday, Leda had decided in the morning that she did not want to be the Little Mermaid, she wanted to be Cinderella. And she was quite insistent that she had a Cinderella costume, it was in her closet. Well, there was no Cinderella costume, but there was lots of crying so I told the child to go off to daycare for their Halloween party with her Little Mermaid costume and Mommy would figure out something for Trick-or-Treating. That seemed to be a good deal for Leda, so the crying stopped and off to daycare she went.

I figured I had to go to Kmart to see if they had a Cinderella costume left. I had called my boss (and friend, who so happens to be the house we go to for Trick-or-Treating, and the Halloween Party this year!) and he said, come on over, we've got a bunch of princess dresses, no Cinderella, but lots of other princesses. So, I ran over there, got a bunch of dresses and headed off to the grocery store to buy our contribution of food to the party.

Since I was right next door to Kmart, I decided, what would it hurt, I'll stop in and see what they have. And lo and behold, I found the perfect costume! A blue fairy! Which was what Leda had been wanting to be for 2 whole months! And decided that she had to be something else because we couldn't find a blue fairy costume at Target! So I grabbed the blue fairy costume and with visions of holding the Mother of the Year trophy, giddily purchased the costume for half off and ran home!

Leda came home from daycare and I said to her, come see what I have for you! She immediately said, is it a Cinderella costume (she forgets nothing) and I said, no, something totally better. And I showed it to her. There was much rejoicing! "A blue fairy! I'm going to be a blue fairy! Where'd you get it, Mommy?" Oh, at the Mother of the Year store, of course!


We got Leda all dressed up (no, Brock and I did not dress up this year!) and we headed on over to the Shiers for the Trick-or-Treating! There were lots of kids this year! Mostly the same kids, a few new ones! We headed out around the neighborhood. This was the first year that Leda was not going to be riding in the wagon! She did pretty good, for the first 1/3rd of the evening...

The Blue Fairy

The kids

At this point in the evening, we've only hit about 1/3rd of houses, Leda says to me, "Mommy, I don't want to go to any more houses. I have enough candy." I told her she just had her membership card to the Kid's Club totally revoked! What do you mean you don't want to get any more candy! Are you kidding. Do you feel sick? No, well, young lady, get up to that house and get more candy! Mommy needs her yearly supply of candy! Oh yes, we had to force the kid to trick-or-treat! What parent has to force their kid to trick-or-treat?? Oh, don't worry, we didn't drag her kicking and screaming to each house...I held her bag, which is really want she wanted anyway...she just didn't want to hold the bag!

A few houses more and she was doing okay...we asked her to help Nathan, who is only a few months younger than Leda. So she grabbed Nathan by the hand and off to each house they went. Oh, it was cuter than a basket full of bunnies!

Leda and Nathan

Leda and Nathan

We stopped at one house for their party and then back to the Shiers for their party. Leda was excited because then she could play with all the toys! We hung out for awhile and then, when the kid looked like she would fall over and sleep right where she stood, we headed home!

It was an awesome night. We had lots of fun! And Leda was just so excited that she got to be the blue fairy after all! It was my favorite Halloween.

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