Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally, Some Ideas...

Todd finally came through. Apparently he was studying too hard or going to class or something of that sort and was too busy to give me any ideas for posts until the past Sunday. And, I wasn't paying attention until today!

And I like the ideas. I've been thinking about several and there's a few posts here over the next couple of days. There are some I will skip, but not because they aren't thought provoking. Like, how can I realistically tell you what our family can do to reduce it's carbon footprint when I live in an idealistic world? ;-)

I also won't be writing a post about how I would design Obama's cabinet because, well, I'm not President and I really wouldn't be good at it (now, get Brock to start a blog and ask HIM to design the cabinet...he's the political junkie in this family!) Besides, I'd be picking Hugh Jackman for Press Secretary and George Clooney for Chief of Staff, just so I could look at them on a daily basis!

Speaking of Hugh...FINALLY, People Magazine does something I completely agree with...They make Hugh the Sexist Man Alive. Oh yes! Guess what I will be purchasing this week?? I can't believe it took People Magazine this long to come around! Geez! (Seriously, Hugh is uber-sexy. Yumm!)

So, thank you Todd! I'm looking forward to writing my posts now! You came through last year, and I thank you for the ideas for the rest of the month! You can have some of the pumpkin pie I am making for Thanksgiving. Or the Apple...because apparently in a total moment of craving, I decided I needed to make my Mother's Apple Pie and a pumpkin pie too for Thanksgiving so I signed myself up! Yum! I can taste the pie crust now!

And that witch Jillian Michaels, well, she can just stay home for Thanksgiving. She's been kicking my butt for the past two days and will each day until Thanksgiving. Man, I am going to need a break from her for a few days! So she will stay home when we head to Brock's family's house for Thanksgiving. Then, she can kick my butt again when I get home. (Yeah, I know, not exactly how the 30 day shred is supposed to be done, but that's what I get for starting it a week and a half before Thanksgiving!)

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