Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Weekend

What a beautiful weekend we had this weekend.

Yesterday was a work around the house day. With some resting in between! Brock cleaned up a lot of leaves around the house and saved some to pull into a pile for Leda to play in...since she's old enough to want to try and I told him it would be okay if he made sure there were no sticks!

So Leda got to jump around in the leaves yesterday!

Where's Leda!

Last night we rented movies and had tacos for dinner before we sat down to movie night. We rented Madagascar for Leda. We figured that would be a good movie for all of us and since I am thinking that her first movie theater movie might be Madagascar 2, it was a good pick. We got The Happening and Charlie Wilson's War for the adults!

Madagascar was HYSTERICAL! Totally recommend this movie to adults as well as kids. We all enjoyed the movie, but I think Leda and I laughed the loudest at Brock who got absolutely hysterical in some parts! After Leda went to bed Brock and I watched The Happening, which we rented because part of it was filmed in Phoenixville. And, I like M. Night Shyamalan.

Well, I was disappointed. Really disappointed. Because I like M. Night Shyamalan, I also like John Leguizamo, who acted the best in the film, but wasn't in but 15 minutes of the movie! The acting was bad, the story was bad. It was just bad. There was one part I got a little nervous, thought maybe something "horror-like" might happen, but no, it didn't. The movie was just bad.

It was pretty late when we finished that movie, so we saved the other movie for tonight or tomorrow.

Today was a busy day. Brock took Leda off with him to get wood from our daycare while I went down to help out the local campaign office. I ended up doing a little canvasing around town - not one of my favorite things to do, but I met a really nice girl, just out of college and we walked around hanging our reminder to vote signs (luckily, we didn't have to knock on doors and talk to people!). Of course, we had to get one of the hilly neighborhoods, where houses are either UP hill or DOWN hill and my poor old body is feeling it! So, guess Jillian Michaels will have to wait for Wednesday! ;-)

So, here I am watching my Eagles (not doing so well right now!) and waiting for Brock and Leda to get back from their afternoon errand (something about trailer ramps) and then we are off to the Durhams for a little soup and grill cheese for dinner! Yummmm! Perfect end to a fall weekend!

Where's Leda!

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