Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bossy Child

Our child has become awfully bossy these days. Or rather, she takes us to task for doing things that we probably, at some point or two, have told her not to do.

This makes life interesting. I've been told during a major sporting event that I should be quiet when people are trying to sleep. She's right, I do need to resist my natural urge to yell and scream during a major sporting event that a Philadelphia team is playing in, especially when said game is taking place after 8PM (the kid's bed time). Just not sure if I want my three-year-old child reminding me!

Brock and I were talking in the kitchen while he was making dinner just a few days ago and Leda comes out of her room and tells us, "shhhhh, my baby is sleeping" and stomps back into her bedroom. Brock and I had a little giggle about that.

I was on the phone with my sister last night, in the living room while Brock was watching TV and the kid was playing with her baby doll. At one point, the kid comes up to me and announces, "YOU woke my baby up. You need to be quiet!" Okay, definitely cute, but out of hand! Brock took her up to get ready for bed around that time, probably explaining to her that it's okay for us to talk on the phone in the living room and that the baby should have been sleeping in her bedroom!

Just after Leda finished her lunch today, she was heading out of the dining room and past my office as Brock said something to her from the dining room, where he was still eating. Leda promptly tells him, "You shouldn't speak with your mouthful!" Well, then!

She also takes great pleasure in coming to me when Brock makes her mad (usually by telling her she can't do something she wants to do or even when they are playing around) and telling me that I must come help her put Daddy in in Time Out. "Because he's a bad boy" I am told. This is only one example of how she tries to pit the two of us against one another. Our favorite is when she will ask me if she can do something and I tell her no, she heads right off to find Daddy and ask him the same exact thing, hoping to get a different answer! We are pretty used to this happening so that we usually check with the other before we give her an answer! She still attempts it though...guess she is hedging her bets that one of us will eventually just give in!

Ah, life with a three-and-a-half-year-old...never a dull moment!

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