Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just Told Off By A Three-Year-Old

Phillies score in the bottom of the 6th (geez, it's like the game JUST started!) and of course, I cheer. Loudly. There was clapping. And WooHooing It was kinda loud. My bad.

A few minutes later, child's bedroom door opens and I ask her what she thinks she is doing (as she is supposed to be sleeping) and she announces she needs to use the potty. As she goes into the bathroom, she stops and looks me in the eye and says...

"When someone is trying to sleep, you are supposed to be quiet."

To which I agree with her and appologize for being too loud and tell her I will do better.

I think I was just told off by a three year old.

This is the reason I hate evening games, by the way. I have to remember to be quiet. It's in the family genes to be loud. Geez!

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