Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apparently Not So Lazy After All....

Okay, here you go. Cyndy's Christmas List. And no, nothing from Brock yet. So don't ask! I've already asked him. A billion times. Hopefully soon.

First, Leda's List didn't mention that Tinkerbell the Movie and Cinderella and Ariel Barbies are already something that Santa has already has on his list of things to deliver, so refrain! ;-) I don't think I put them on her lists, but just in case, already done!

So, my list. And yes, it will probably be TOTALLY unsexy again this year. But it's what I want!

First and Amazon wishlist. I want everything on this list!!! ;-) It is in order of items added to my list, but everything on this list is still something I want! It has been cleaned up recently.

donna karan cashmere mist perfume
donna karan cashmere silk cologne
kitchen compost keeper, stainless steel would be nice. Something like this
Buddha statue
Candles, candle holders, nice smells
A NFL Championship. In the next five years would be nice.
Microplane Grater. Something like this
Wooden Lemon Reamer. Something like this
iTunes gift cards
A wideangle lens for my Nikon D50 ;-)

If I can think of anything else I need or want, will make sure to update!

Family...I will forward lists in email in the next couple of days or so. Maybe when I get Brock's list? ;-)

Have at it!

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