Friday, November 7, 2008

It's THAT Time of Year...

Because we have a kid who is now old enough to ask for everything under the sun and knows exactly (EXACTLY) what a toy catalog is, Leda and I sat down this evening and went over what she wanted for Christmas. So, here's Leda's Christmas List (or what we have edited to be Leda's Christmas list because, you know, she wants everything!)

Don't get your hopes up...this does not mean that you will soon get a Cyndy and/or Brock Christmas list...gotta keep you waiting a little bit!

Leda's Amazon Wish List

Leda's Wish List

Leda's Toys to Grow On Wish List

There are a few things on these lists I'd like to point out...

1. Books. She loves books. Books are always a good thing!
2. Train set...Ask her why she needs a train set and she will respond, "because I don't have one." Same goes for the pirate ship. Although, I have to say, she does like to play with train sets (and pirate ships.)
3. Horses...she is all about horses these days. Must run in the blood.
4. The really expensive stuff...not necessary to purchase. She said that she wanted to ask Santa, so I put it on the list. There were LOTS of stuff I told her we couldn't put on the list because we had to save stuff for other girls and boys...because really, if she had her way, EVERYTHING would be on the list!)
5. Most everything is a suggestion. Except for one thing...A bathroom for her doll house (On the Amazon list) - Leda is absolutely positive that her doll house is not ACTUALLY a doll house because it doesn't have a bathroom. She must have one. Or else, we will have to purchase her a whole new dollhouse. One that has a bathroom. And in this housing market, moving to a new house is just gonna kill the dollhouse family. They have enough money to add a bathroom, but not enough to purchase a whole other house. Save them, please!

(Oh, and about the dollhouse family...Mom has disappeared and I think Dad ran off with Snow White (or Cinderella...both are pretty much home wreckers). So you will notice that on the amazon list there is another dollhouse family listed - this one has a grandmother to watch the kids while their parents are off galavanting around with Diego and the Princesses.)

So, there you have it...I'll add to as I get more requests from the kid.

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