Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Dream

It happens every four years. I try to plan two weeks of my summer around what I want to see on the Olympics. Which is pretty much everything. Except boxing, I don't dig boxing.

I love the Olympics. I wish I had been good enough at something when I was a kid to have made it to the Olympics. One year, I will go to the Olympics (we are starting to plan for London 2012 - that would be an awesome one for me to go to!). And, I will cry like a baby when I get there!

Seriously, I love everything about the Olympics. I like the competition, I like the unknown, I like the camaraderie, I like the idea of the youth of the world coming together to compete in a positive way. I just eat that stuff up. And yes, I ball like a baby when the torch is lit. And every year, right before the start of the opening ceremonies, I say I will probably flip the channels during the parade of nations (because, man, that takes FOREVER!) but I never do. I watch them all. I watch it all. And I scream and yell at Bob Costas for his idiotic comments the whole entire four hours EVERY FOUR YEARS! (yeah, like he can retire now!)

I'm excited about Michael Phelps...man, do you think the guys that have to go up against him are like, really, seriously, do I really have to even swim? 'Cause he just pummels them all! I'm excited about the girls gymnastics team. I hope they do well. I love the equestrian events. The synchronized diving is pretty cool. And how awesome is that bronze by the men's gymnastic team? All of it just pumps me up. Makes me wanna go to the gym. (Ha!)

I let Leda stay up late on Friday to watch the ceremonies with me. She fell asleep in the first 15 minutes (she hadn't had a nap that day - not because she was bored). I think she may be a little too young to care. But believe me, the kid gets good at a summer sport, she is so going to train for the Olympics! Unless she doesn't want to, but if she does, she's so there!

Anyway, that's what I will be doing the next two weeks. Watching and dreaming. And, yeah, probably shedding a happy tear every time we get to hear the national anthem at a medal ceremony. Oh, and don't even bother me on the closing ceremony night...I'll be dreaming of the next Olympics in four years...well, maybe the winter Olympics in two years!

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