Thursday, August 28, 2008

Next Greatest Rock Star - Evah!

Leda is very interested in my guitar, that poor instrument that has been stuck in the corner of my office, wishing someone would pick it back up and learn how to play it! Anyway, Leda loves the guitar! She likes to strum the strings!

I purchased a surprise for Brock (okay, it was really for me, but Brock likes it a lot!) from iTunes today and asked Brock to come up to my office to hear his surprise - Little Feat's latest album. Leda immediately went over to the guitar and started strumming it. So I asked her if she would like to play it and boy, did her eyes light up.

So I told her to sit in the chair and I placed the guitar in her hands. And, cuteness blinded us all!

Next Greatest Rock Star - Evah!

And, she didn't even really need to be told how to hold the guitar...she's a natural!

Next Greatest Rock Star - Evah!

Can you guess what she MIGHT get for Christmas this year??? ;-)

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