Friday, July 13, 2007

The Yates' 2007 Family Vacation, Part IV

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(You will be happy to note, that this is the last installment in the Yates' 2007 Family Vacation Saga!)

So after the ER visit on Monday night, we head back to the house and pack me into bed and I am looking forward to maybe feeling better in the next day or so. I end up waking up on Tuesday morning at something like 5AM coughing like crazy until about 8AM. I cough so bad, I end up throwing up. And, I feel feverish and yucky and for someone who loves the beach, this SUCKS!

Aunt Claire blows bubbles for Leda

Brock and Leda spend the day with the kids and the rest of the family. I spend most of the morning sleeping on and off. In the afternoon, I feel good enough to move to the couch so I can at least join the rest of the family, and they are all getting ready to move on out! The boys are going crabbing, the girls are going shopping. I am staying home!

Leda went with Aunt Claire and Aunt Joan and Sarah shopping and apparently had an awesome time. She came home with some goodies - new hats, a new Dora doll, some aquadoodle pages. She apparently did very cute things, like in the Coach store, she grabbed a little bag, threw it over her shoulder and pushed her stroller around the store like a little lady!

Tuesday evening I hit the sheets early when Leda went to bed. I woke up on Wednesday, Fourth of July, with a repeat of Tuesday morning! Felt terrible. The plan was to head over to Neskowin for the annual Fourth of July Parade through the village, but I wasn't sure I could go. I was in pretty bad shape. I pushed through it though and did make the trip down to see the parade. Leda had a blast - she's got the idea about the candy that the parade participants throw. We usually don't go after the candy, we let the other kids go after it, and only grab a few pieces for Leda. At one point, there was a piece of candy, just out of our reach. Leda twisted her way out of Brock's arms, walked over to the piece of candy, picked it up and back into Brock's arms. She looked so proud of herself!

Back to the beach house to prepare for the afternoon barbecue. I stayed out of the kitchen due to being sick - didn't want to get that into the food! I think I took a nap with Leda and in the afternoon, and I totally missed getting a good shot of one of the bald eagles that live around the beach, but Claire got a good one, see blow up below! I felt okay enough to head down to the beach to watch the kids boogie board in the surf and Leda run around in the water and sand. I spent much of it sitting down, but at least I made it to the beach!

Eagle Up Close

Leda and Daddy


I even had a half a hamburger for dinner! And headed down to the beach for the bonfire and fireworks, but it got a bit chilly down there for me and Leda was getting pretty tired, so I headed up to the house, put Leda down for bed and watched the fireworks from the dinning room with Aunt Joan and her friends.


Scott, Leda and Sarah

Kingsley Family

Thursday morning was our day to be packed up and out the door by 8:30 so we could head back to Portland to catch a plane home. It was travel day and I felt as bad as the previous two days! The antibiotics course I was taking had run out the day before, and I didn't seem to be getting any better. Depending on how I felt on Friday when I woke up at home, the plan was to maybe see my doctor and see how I felt to head up to Wyoming, NY for the East Coast Reception for the Wedding of the Century to be held at Brock's dad's house.

Traveling sucked! I felt horrible. At least Brock was willing to take on the kid and I slept (as much as one can sleep on a plane) on and off for most of the flights home. Leda, again, was the perfect child, until about the last hour of the last flight - as were coming into Philadelphia, she was not happy about staying in her car seat. She was tired, she really hadn't had a nap during the day. She fussed and cried for about 20 minutes and then she fell asleep for the last half hour of the flight!

We ended up getting home around 1am in the morning. Friday morning brought no relief from the coughing and other stuff and I felt bad. We made an appointment with my Dr's office with the one doc that could see me, that being the only doc at the office I couldn't stand! He diagnosed me with pneumonia, had me go get a chest x-ray, gave me another round of antibiotics and sent me home.

We decided not to go to NY for the weekend, so we missed the party at Brock's dad's house, and all the relatives we don't get to see very often. Brock and Leda headed over to the Durhams for a little swim and some dinner while I slept away my pneumonia. By Sunday, I was starting to feel a little better. By the end of this week, I just have the cough to contend with and low energy - I get winded pretty quickly if I have to walk far - I feel like a person with a three-pack-a-day habit! That sucks, since I quit three years ago!

Hopefully I will be fully recovered next week. We have the Police concert next Friday! I am looking forward to that!

So, that ends the sad story of how I lost 10lbs on my summer vacation. I don't recommend the diet! It sucks! I hope the next vacation we go on I get to participate in!

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