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The Yates' 2007 Family Vacation, Part III

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The Wedding of the Century had happened Friday night but the festivities continue on Saturday with a Champagne Brunch on the Sternwheeler Colombia Gorge and later, a barbecue at the home of the Bride and Groom.

View from our hotel room

The view from the room was beautiful, but I woke up Saturday morning feeling BAD! The coughing is keeping me awake, it's getting worse (it gags me it is so bad and coughing fits last for a half hour or more). I have the chills and I am in a terry cloth robe under all the covers on the bed. I decided, since the only place I would have to sleep would be the car since we had to check out of the hotel, to "Cowboy Up", get dressed, throw some makeup on and go to the champagne brunch, which, by the way, would have the last bit of alcohol I would have until, well, still haven't had any!

We got to the boat dock and got a quick tour of the reception building that has a small cafe and a gift shop. Daniel's company really did a great job putting money into the venture to spruce up the building and the boat.

Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge

We got the traditional Group Photo before we boarded the ship and when we were seated and all guests were aboard, the buffet was open and the ship set sail down river a bit (due to some traffic at the dam). After we ate, we went up top and enjoyed the beautiful weather (barely a cloud in the sky) and the beautiful vistas of the Columbia. Captain Misty gave a great tour of the Columbia pointing out lots of interesting sites.

Bridge of the Gods

I highly recommend, if you are in the Northwest/Portland area, take a trip up the Columbia to Cascade Locks and have a meal/ride on the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge. It is well worth it. For that matter, if you are in Portland, make sure to have dinner on the Portland Spirit. It is definitely worth it (and I don't just say that because we are part owners!)

Columbia River

By the end of the cruise, I felt pretty tired and bad! I was just not feeling good. We were heading back to the hotel in Portland (the Paramount - very nice, I highly recommend!) and really weren't sure where to fill the scripts I had from the good next-door neighbor ER doc, so Aunt Joan and Uncle Wayne offered to take the scripts and get them filled and bring them to the party at Daniel's.

We got back to Portland and checked into the hotel for a nap and then we all headed over to Daniels at around 6pm. We mingled (well, I actually sat and relaxed as much as possible. I was feeling pretty bad - although, I did get my scripts and started my course of antibiotics!)

The Yates Family

We decided to leave early around 8ish due to my health and Grandpa and Nana were to fly home in the morning. So we headed back to the hotel and I spent the entire night tossing and turning and coughing and just plain miserable. So I stayed in bed on Sunday morning while Brock and Leda had breakfast with Grandpa and Nana and drove them off to the airport to catch their plane home.

When Brock and Leda came back to the hotel, I had attempted to get us packed and ready to go because were heading down to the Beach - Neskowin on the Oregon Coast

We programmed Neskowin into the GPS and off we went. Leda slept pretty much the entire way down, and I tried to sleep a little. When we got down to the beach we unpacked and Brock, Leda and I took Finnie the dog for a walk on the beach. Leda LOVES the beach. The Lillys arrived near dinner time and around the time they arrived, Brock, Leda, Sarah, Scotty and I took a walk on the beach.


Scott, Sarah, Leda and Brock walk the beach

We had Maggie's Sister Linda and her boyfriend John join us for dinner and actually brought the fish! And then cooked it! It was delicious and Leda LOVED dinner, especially the Trader Joe Wild Rice that Aunt Joan served! It was a nice evening, and I finally took Leda to bed around 9 or 10. I was extremely tired and Leda needed to get a little sleep too!

On Monday, I felt pretty bad in the morning. The mornings were the worst as the coughing would keep me away throughout the night, but around 5 or so in the morning the coughing would start and basically not stop for hours. Even with the antibiotics and the inhaler, I just didn't seem to be getting any better. I was able to rally around lunch time and did make it out to the beach for a short walk. I ended up having to sit for most of the time Brock and the kids were exploring the beach. I knew I wasn't feeling too good when I just couldn't find the energy to bend over and pick up interesting things off the beach! I also noticed that as of Monday, I really wasn't eating much - I just had no interested in food. I did munch a little to keep myself from being too hungry, but not the amounts of food that I could (beach food is SO PLENTIFUL and SO GOOD!)

Leda on the beach

Monday evening, just before Dinner, Claire and Joan told me I should start taking some over the counter drugs to keep my symptoms (the coughing, etc.) from being such a bother. So I took some really great cough medicine and some Drixoral (which turned out to be really old!) In about a half hour, I was just wiped out and could barely stay away, so I went to bed without dinner.

My husband came in around 8 or 9 and told me that they had been discussing my sickness with a nurse friend and he was sent in to take my temperature, which turned out to be around 100 degrees, and I was sent off to the ER with Brock because the worry was I had developed pneumonia. I spent the least amount of time in an ER I think I EVER spent (or ever will). I was seen pretty quickly and the PA and DR who saw me concluded that I had either a pretty nasty virus or bacteria that took hold of me, but my lungs sounded fine. So, I was given some Tylenol with Codeine cough syrup and a script for some drugs to help with the coughing during the day and sent on my way!

To be continued!
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