Thursday, June 15, 2006

One year and a whole life time ago....

...I posted this.

Technically, it was the third post on this blog, but it was on the same day I started the blog, so it counts! It described the reason I decided to do this. Some day, I hope I will be able to publish this "diary" for Leda. I hope it tells her all about her first year of life (and then some)...all the things she won't remember.

And, wow, how she has changed, as have we all. Her parents are a little more tired than they were a year ago (well, maybe a year and two months ago!) but happier and prouder every day (and, apparently, worser at grammar! ;-)

Leda's taller, more mobile, thinner in the face (wow, was she a round faced chubby kid a year ago or what??), and exerting her personality all over our sorry you know whats! What a little pistol that one is (yes, I just used the word pistol to describe my child...apparently I now channel my grandmother and my mother at will - see, we have all changed a little!). Don't get our own way, well, we just sit our butts down and cry bloody murder! Didn't like it much the other day when Mom just totally ignored our attempts to get our own way either...we got hysterical - we probably would have made ourselves sick if Mom didn't distract us with a cracker.

Leda's really becoming a little person. She has an iron will and, for the most part, a shining disposition. She's usually a very happy child. Aside from the temper tantrums, which really don't happen that often. She's usually onto something else before they really get full-blown nuts. But she does know how to throw one! It's like it was written in her DNA! ;-)

I bought her a swing to add to the play set our neighbors' have. I bought it about a month ago and we set it up and wow, does Leda like to swing? Does a fish like water?? We used to take a right out the front door on our walks and take a long walk around the pond before coming to the play set, but Leda, she's got other things to do, like SWING, so it's a straight shot out the door and over the creek to the play set. MUST-SWING-NOW!

Her laughing is contagious...seriously...she starts laughing and squealing and I just can't help myself, I am hysterical. She's like one of those laugh boxes we used to play with ages ago when I was a kid. She really is a happy child and so outgoing...she loves other people. She is shy at first, but once she gets to know a person, they are okay in her book...especially if they make her laugh! She's always looking for more! This is a good thing, because we really though for awhile there that she really wasn't going to like other people much! ;-) Now, she doesn't readily GO to other people or necessarily like to be held by other people, but she's getting better!

Does the kid like to eat??? Wow, let me tell ya what! It surprises me what she will eat. Black olives! Who ever heard of a kid (a baby) who ate black olives?? Not me! She loves them! The only veggie I can get her to eat any more is french fries, but occasionally she might eat a green bean (but only because she wasn't paying attention!) She loves sausage and hot dogs. Not so much about red meat or chicken, but we are getting there. Brock's tried to get her to eat tomatoes, but no luck...until tonight. Brock makes a tomato salad that really is just cherry tomatoes and onions tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. He gave her a half a cherry tomato and she tasted it and made a face - I thought, nope she's not gonna eat it! The kid sucked all the pulp out of the skin of the tomato and spit the skin out. Then asked for more! See, pistol I tell ya!

She loves rice - white, yellow and roni! Noodles too, but I really think she likes rice more. Oh, and Brock introduced her to Animal Crackers the other day...yep, all about the Animal Crackers! And beans...she likes black but not so much about the baked...what's up with that??

She's just a joy to behold all the time. Yes, we have our moments, but they really don't compare to the happy-go-lucky kid we have most of the time. And she is I have said before, smarter than us and that should scare the heck out of us. She's bright-eyed and happy in the morning and she is the sweetest thing to watch sleep at night. As I watched her sleep one night, I actually felt my heart swell with what can only be described as unbelievable love and joy at the thought of her, much less watching her sleep without a care in the world. It was the most amazing feeling I think I have ever felt and it amazes me that this little girl made it all happen. Yes, I love my husband, and I love my family and I love my dog, but I don't think I was ever or will ever be in love like this ever!

She's my joy.


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