Saturday, May 6, 2006

Spring/Summer Project, 2006

Two years ago, when I quit smoking, I started "gardening." I started a patio pond, with fish and a water lily, and I started planting containers (hanging baskets mostly). I did plant some in the "garden" we have around the patio, but I tend to leave that up to Brock (I gotta have someone to blame if it looks bad! ;-)

Well, last year, I didn't add fish to my patio pond, and, in all honesty, it really didn't get enough attention as I was dealing more with the infant we had in the house at the time than the outdoor beautification of the house. This year, with a toddler (it kinda scares me a little to call my BARELY ONE YEAR OLD a toddler, but, basically, that's what she is!) I decided a patio pond wouldn't be prudent - with the possibilities of drowning and all (not to mention all the wonderful things that might make it into the water other than the kid, like toys, rocks, sippy cups, etc!).

But, I really liked the sound of flowing water out on our patio. I decided I was going to purchase a fountain this year - something that would be easy maintenance, pretty, sound nice and kid proof!

So, the other day, I purchased my fountain. It's a large urn that sits on a base and the water flows out the top and down over the sides. It's very soothing and absolutely no reservoir that the kid could drown in (well, there's a reservoir, but the kid can't get to it!!)

Spring/Summer Project, 2006

Spring/Summer Project, 2006

As you can see, I am going to be building a wall around the base of the fountain to hide the ugly black plastic. I only purchased enough stone pavers to see what it would look like to start with, so the wall has a bit to go yet. My buddha's will have their very own garden...I am thinking of putting an arbor behind the fountain and have something viney grow up behind it and we'll put some other potted plants around the wall when it gets done. And, I will need more buddhas! Laughing, happy buddhas!

My Buddhas look happy!

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