Thursday, March 11, 2010

Publish or Perish

Leda is very into spelling things out on paper...she will ask you to spell something and she will write it out on paper.


She will ask for the names of her friends, her cousins, her family members. We oblige either by spelling it out or writing it down on post-its.

She has drawn pictures and then wrote out 'Happy Birthday' or 'I love the family' or a description of the picture. She will write out things she sees on books, cereal boxes, TV.

She started doing this about three or so weeks ago. She can't seem to get enough words. She's gotten to the point where she knows some words now, she doesn't need to ask us to spell them.

Tonight, she made a 'magazine' that she is going to give to her Grandpa. Makes me wonder, with writers and magazine editors in her family, is this a sign of what she will become? She loves to tell stories with pictures and words. It's amazing.

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