Monday, March 1, 2010

My Bucket List

Attending the Olympics is on my Bucket List. In fact, I would say it is at the very top. I would LOVE to go to an Olympic event (or two or three or as many as I can get tickets for!) I would LOVE to attend an Opening or Closing Ceremony. Part of me would be perfectly happy if I could just go to a city that is holding an Olympics and just hang out!

Leda watched the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics with us last month - she fell asleep half way through but she put in a good effort. Since most of the events were after her bedtime, she didn't really watch much the rest of the two weeks, except some highlights with me or on the news.

She saw the women's ice hockey team highlights and pointed and said, "Mommy, I want to do that." Just after were figure skating highlights which I pointed out to Leda suggesting that maybe she would like to do that, to which she responded, barely looking up, "No, I want to play hockey."

On the last day of the Olympics, we watched the USA vs. Canada Men's ice hockey final. Wow, what a game. I'm not a huge hockey fan, in fact, I know nothing of hockey except for when the puck goes in the net, it's a score! I'm thinking I can get used to watching hockey if my kid plays - not sure I'm going to be totally comfortable because, man, is it a violent sport! (okay, yes, so is football! At least football players aren't wearing knives on their feet and carrying big sticks!!)

I think we will be taking Leda to a hockey game this year - we'll start with the minor league Hershey Bears! We'll see how she handles it. Maybe in a few years we can graduate to a Flyers game or two!

If I'm lucky, I might make it to an Olympics - maybe to watch my kid play. That would be awesome!

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