Monday, March 29, 2010

Girls Only Weekend

With Brock off playing with race cars this weekend, it was just me and Leda. We had a few things planned for the weekend, to keep us busy. First off was getting dinner on Friday night and since I had to work on Friday and didn't feel like figuring out what to have for dinner, we headed off for dinner at McDonald's. Yes, bad mother that I am, I fed the kid fast food! Good thing it's always treated as a special treat and doesn't happen very often!

We got home and made popcorn and sat down to watch Where the Wild Things Are. We were really looking forward to seeing this movie as it is one of Leda's favorite books. It wasn't a bad movie, just depressing. Not as uplifting as I hoped. And both of us were in tears by the end. It is hard to comfort your kid when you are crying as well! [Spoiler ahead]

I tried to explain to Leda, who was almost as uncontrollably upset as she was when she watched Marley with us, that it was a happy ending, that Max got to go home to his Mommy. She was very upset that he left the Wild Things. I told her that he could go visit, I am sure that his Mommy would let him visit, thinking that might make her feel better. I added, that if she wanted to go visit the Wild Things, I would let her. She matter-of-fact told me, "Mommy, it's not for real, it's pretend." She had me there. And she was calm enough to go to sleep.

On Saturday we shopped. We straightened up and cleaned part of the house. We played in the backyard. We had a really nice day.

Knocking 'monkey balls' out of the sycamore tree - thank goodness she doesn't have allergies:

Saturday night we watched the Kid's Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. Leda really wanted to watch and really wanted iCarly to win best show (which it did). It was an interesting experience. My kid was so cute, dancing around to Rhianna and Justin Bieber, even though it was my worst fear realized - she's interested in the preteen music scene. Oh well, it could be worse, NSync could still be around!

She was jumping around and she all of a sudden said, "Mommy, watch this..." and she jumped up and put her legs out in front of her like she was going to land on her butt on a trampoline. Problem is, she was over the hard wood floor of the living room! She landed with a thud before I could stop her. There was crying, and there was complaining that her butt hurt - she probably bruised it pretty good. But luckily she's okay. Okay, I laughed. After I found that she was okay. 'Cause, well, it was kinda funny!

On Sunday we met up with Paige and Aunt Jennifer for some lunch and a visit to the nail salon. Leda's first pedicure! She was very cute and had a great time.

Paige and Leda

We came home to veg out in front of the TV to watch the new Free Willy movie with Bindi Irwin. Again, there was some crying at the end by both of us (okay, so I am a big fat sap!). Afterwards, made ourselves a nice little pasta dinner and had a fun banana and pudding parfait that I made for Leda.

All in all, a great weekend. Even with the chilly and overcast weather. We are looking forward to temps in the 70s next weekend for the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday!

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