Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter 2009-2010

Oh my what a winter this has been. We've received more snow this winter than any winter on record (that according to the record keeping people). In all honesty, it has felt like we have received more snow than any other place on earth! Okay, I have been known to exaggerate!

It all started the weekend before Christmas. We got about 18 inches or so that day. It was kinda awesome, because it was over the weekend and we got to play. And I went shopping on Sunday with 1 other person! It was pretty awesome. All that snow was pretty non-existent on Christmas, but it was nice to have the snow.

After that, little nuisance snows here and there. Nothing that accumulated or anything that needed to be shoveled. In fact, thought we pretty much dodged the bullet, which was kind of a bummer, as I really wanted it to snow good!

And then came February!

February 6th we got about 18 inches of snow. On a Saturday, so I got to play! When it snows during the week, working from home, I don't get the day off and I can't play in it. So a weekend snow fall is awesome. I just wish we had gotten more!! Yes, I wished we got more!

Then we got more! On February 9th and 10th we got snow! Another 19 inches of snow! I was bummed about it though, I really wanted to play in it, but had to work. And this one was a wet snow and it may have killed a few of my bushes around the house! It sure was pretty though!

And we got little bits of snow here and there until today and tomorrow, when we are to get about 4 inches more of snow but lots of possibly damaging winds.

I'm about sick of snow. Not only has the ground been white for about 3 weeks, we are watching the Winter Olympics and see nothing but snow, so it's been enough snow for me for a life time! And, apparently, this winter is not yet finished with us!

Although I've got a bit of a tug of war going on. I'm sick of snow, so I am happy we aren't getting the 10-16 inches of snow the weatherman suggested with this present system, but then I'm kinda pissed that we are only getting maybe 4 inches out of it. If we are gonna get snow, snow big! Make it worth it!

Here's to Spring. And getting done with the snowiest winter on record!

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