Tuesday, September 22, 2009

End of Summer, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, I know, I was gonna try and update the blog on a more regular basis. Oh well, best intentions and all. I have to admit, with Facebook and the advent of updating everyone in 140 characters or less (albeit, Facebook allows a few more than 140 characters), it's hard to come up with something more substantial for the blog.

I've not given up on it yet. Maybe as the days get shorter and cooler, I'll have more to say.

In any case, here's an update! A little send off to Summer 09! Brock and Leda and I (and Duff) headed down to Avalon this past weekend to have on last beach hurrah...or as Leda has taken to calling, our goodbye to Beach World until next year. It also happened to be our 11th wedding anniversary, so we made a celebration out of it.

We headed down on Friday after Leda's school let out and got down to the house and out to the beach by about 3:30ish. The day was a bit overcast, with the sun peaking through more often than not, a little on the cool side, but still shorts and maybe a sweat shirt for the beach. But not my girl. No, my child went swimming. In the ocean! No fear and no feeling of cold in that kid! Actually, the water was still a bit warm - actually felt good...not cold enough to keep Leda from wading in as far as I would let her go (and then some - she pushes the boundaries on a regular basis!)

Running with the waves

There weren't a lot of people on the beach. There was a couple with their two little children surf fishing next to the tidal pool. We started to walk in the tidal pool when I noticed some type of fish, until I got a closer look and realized they were sharks! Okay, so they weren't BIG sharks...just little sand sharks, maybe 15 or so inches long and all a sand shark might do to you is, well, nothing! Then we saw two, then three...then come to find that the couple that is fishing, well, they are catching the sand sharks and throwing them in the pool to play with. There were like 10 sharks swimming in this pool! They kept trying to beach themselves toward the incoming tide, so when he could, Brock would grab one and walk him the few feet across the sand to the incoming tide. It was neat playing with them, but sad that they were so intent to get back into the ocean that they would try to beach themselves. Thank goodness the tide was coming in!

Sand Shark!

Sand Shark!

On Saturday morning we lounged around for awhile, then got dressed and headed down to the Wetlands Institute for the Wings and Water weekend. We've never been to the institute, and of course we had to go on their biggest weekend of the year. Well, maybe not the biggest, but they had a big ta-do all over the island this weekend. Great thing was the tickets we paid for got us two days of lots of things we could do. We got to see the Peabody Ducks march (kinda like watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, once you seen it, you can say you've seen it and you are done!), we got to see the turtles they were going to be releasing into the wild that day (in fact, we kinda helped!), we got to play with turtles and starfish and horseshoe crabs and snakes and geckos and all kinds of fun stuff at the institute.



After a little lunch and a marshy walk to watch the release of the turtles, we headed back down to the beach for a little fun - on our way down, we saw a wild turkey! Then back to the house for showers and then off to an awesome anniversary dinner at Blackfish Stone Harbor. Blackfish was awesome. Food was great, service was great, company was awesome! Leda fell asleep about half through dinner, but it was a good night. We headed home, put the baby to bed, watched a few movies and then caught a good nights sleep before our last day at the beach.

Sunday was another gorgeous day. I was moving a little slower on Sunday as I had a bit too much fun the night before! But we did get down to the beach - all of us, Duff included! We met a family on the beach who were trying to help a large horseshoe crab back into the ocean (as it was still alive) and we chatted with them a bit while Leda swam in the ocean. As we walked we found lots of fun shells and Leda and Duff chased the seagulls. Toward the end of our walk, we got to see dolphins playing in the surf! It was an awesome walk.

Mommy and Leda

We headed back to shower and headed off to Avalon Community Center for the Wings and Water art show and had a little lunch before taking in the beautiful paintings, carvings and photography. Then, back to the beach for some more swimming and beach combing. We saw more dolphins and played with hermit crabs we found in the tidal pools. It was a beautiful day. We hated to see it go.

11 years


We said our goodbyes to the beach, cleaned up the house and headed home from Beach World. It was a beautiful weekend and we soaked up as much Vitamin D as we could to get us through the winter. We are already looking forward to going back to the shore next year!

Click here to see all the photos from our weekend!

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