Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yes, I do believe that was an echo. Boy have I been a horrible blogger. This month has just smacked me upside the head and rolled over me on the way out of town!

Yes, a child in the house turned four. And I missed blogging it. But my excuses are many...and I think they are quite good. I had the install from hell which had me traveling to NJ three times in the two weeks prior to her birthday. Not to mention a ton of work in the office. Kind of work that makes you want to through the computer out the freakin' window when you are done. No, I didn't, instead, personal computing took a way back seat! I think I twittered a few times and posted a status or two on facebook.

Then there was the birthday party. And the planning, and the cleaning, and the cooking and the baking. Not to mention the cupcakes I had to make for Leda's school birthday party. First time I've ever made cupcakes...and I made two different types of cupcakes AND two different kinds of icing within 3 days! (the second batch was AWESOME, but buttercream tends to do that for cupcakes!)

I was so darn busy, I completely forgot to take pictures at my own child's birthday party! Bad Mama! But then again, I do believe this would make the 4th birthday in a row that I didn't take one picture! So I will rely on the wonderful friends we had spend the day with us to hopefully forward me a picture or two!

We did take some time on Thursday afternoon last week to take Leda to the NJ Aquarium. We LOVED it. It was a blast! We went in the afternoon and we were lucky enough to get there just after the last school trip had left! So it wasn't overrun with kids! Awesome!

So, I have pictures to post - all the way back to Leda's school trip to a local farm and pictures from our trip to the aquarium. Whether that will happen before Leda and I head off to FL for next week to spend some time with Grandma and Granddaddy or not, well, I guess we'll all have to be surprised! I'm going to try, if not by the end of the week, sometime next week!

One Lap is upon us. Brock's already gone and it's just Leda and I. So we'll just have to see what I can do to post something here before mid-May! ;-)

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