Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Easter Egg Decorating

Tonight saw a very successful night of decorating Easter eggs. I even let go and let Leda do it her way!

This year I bought her little rollers to paint on the dye.
Leda Paints eggs!

I told her she could use different colors on the same egg, but she stuck with one color per egg!

Daddy didn't...
Daddy helps!

Mommy stuck to the old fashion way of decorating eggs...a dye pill and some water (and a little vinegar for some of the lighter colors)...
Mommy does it the old fashion way

We had fun!

And we have a beautiful crop of Easter Eggs for the Easter Bunny on Sunday!
This year's crop of Easter Eggs

We are ready for Easter!
Click here for a few more pictures!

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