Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Would Tell My 25 Year-Old Self

If I could go back in time and have a visit with my 25 year-old self, there are LOTS of things I would tell her. First, I'd have her go back to our 19 year-old self and tell HER that there are some guys you dont't date more than once. But that's a WHOLE other post.

One of the things I would tell her is you won't have to live paycheck to paycheck forever. I used to freak out about not having enough money. Not that I wasn't able to make it by week to week and still have a couple bucks to spend out with friends. But I worried constantly about the know, medical, dental and eyes, not to mention anything that might go wrong with my car!

My 25 year-old self used to put off going to the doctor, dentist and eye doctor. I know, horrible, right. But when you don't have money in the bank, unless you are in pain or dying, why spend what you don't have, right? That girl, back then, she stressed about that, praying that her teeth didn't fall out or her eye sight didn't fail, but since nothing was hurting or falling out or failing, she didn't make the appointment.

My 41 year-old self is thankful to that 25 year-old because she stressed enough that she took good care of her teeth. Not one cavity since we were 13 or 14. I'm also thankful she wore the glasses she has had since college as much as she did because it turns out, my 41 year-old self's eye sight is actually BETTER now than it was in my 20s. Still needs corrective lenses, but they are still better!

But most of all, I want to let that 25 year-old know how good - GOOD - it feels to be able to pay for a new pair of corrective lenses and an eye exam. Really. I mean, it sucks to have to pay so FREAKIN' much in less than 30 minutes, but the glasses are gonna look HOT! And YOU CAN AFFORD THEM!

I think she'd be able to stress a little less about money if she knew that some day, she wouldn't have to stress so much.

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