Sunday, March 22, 2009


I was in the kitchen this afternoon when Brock walked in and pulled Leda's lip gloss out of his pocket. Aunt Jennifer had purchased the lip gloss for her when we were up in the Poconos yesterday. He proceeded to tell me the story about how he had ended up with the lip gloss.

Leda had been playing with the next-door neighbors and they invited her in for some cake for a birthday they were throwing for their friend Lorraine*. Brock went over to get her and witnessed her telling Lorraine that she hadn't a present for her, she didn't know she would be coming to a birthday party. But she had her lip gloss in her pocket so she pulled it out and gave it to Lorraine as her present.

Brock said that he spoke with Lorraine after and told her that the lip gloss was Leda's favorite. Lorraine gave Brock back the lip gloss to give back to Leda later.

I hope she always is so giving and thoughtful of others. I really have no clue how she learned that. I'm in awe of my little, sweet girl.

(*Lorraine is a grown-up, lest anyone things that Brock 'stole' back the lip gloss from a little girl!) ;-)

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