Saturday, March 28, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Well, I should learn never to plan ahead. Because, most likely, those plans are gonna get messed with!

I had the whole weekend figured out - Brock leaves Friday morning, I pick Leda up at daycare in the evening, we have Chinese and watch a movie OnDemand. Then all the plans for Saturday - girls lunch, shopping, etc. And on Sunday, a little planting and cleaning up outside.

Thursday night - no, make that Friday morning at 2:30 AM, those plans began to crumble.

Leda woke up and was really hot. Took her temp and looked to be about 101 degrees. So I gave her a little Motrin and back into bed. Seemed fine in the morning, but didn't really eat any breakfast, but didn't complain about not feeling well and her temp was normal. So off to daycare Brock took her before heading out of town.

Two hours later, daycare calls - kid's spiked the temp again, can you come get her. Also, complaining about a sore throat. Not sure if it's possibly chicken pox (which a kid in her nursery school apparently had last week) or strep (which a kid at daycare had last week). Brought her home with thoughts of calling the doctor if her temp didn't come down with the dose of Tylenol the daycare gave her. On the way home, she threw up. Just a little and was clear because she hadn't eaten, but definitely meant a trip to the doctors.

Into her pajamas and into Mama's bed for a little relaxing before the Dr appt. She said she was hungry and wanted Yogurt. Funny blue colored Yogurt. So I gave it to her, she ate it all and seemed fine, temp down to normal. Off to the doctors we go...

Doc takes a look at her and says it is definitely something going on in the throat area. Strep culture taken, told I'd get a call in the am if it's Strep, otherwise, it is probably a viral infection. Okay. Off to home we go, in the MINI. Not 20 feet from the parking spot at the Dr office, projectile vomiting in the MINI. Remember what she had for lunch? Oh yeah! Pretty!

Home we got, changed we got. Into bed kid got. Off to clean the Mini Mama went.

Temperature stuck around most of the rest of the day. And, the child who never EVER gave us issues with taking medicine is now spitting back up the Motrin/Tylenol every time I give it to her. She isn't hungry, is fighting me taking medicine and ends up with a temp of 103 degrees before bed. Asked neighbor to run to the drug store to get me some children's Tylenol, as I am out! Luckily, I did get some Tylenol in her and temp came down by 11PM.

At 2:30AM, I got a visitor. She seemed fine, just wanted to sleep with me. No problem, but this also meant that the dog, who was perfectly happy sleeping in his own bed prior to the middle of the night visitor, ALSO needed to sleep with me. Kid tossed and turned and then wanted some water. After about 40 minutes or so of that, she announces that she can go back and sleep in her own bed. Okay, fine. 20 minutes later, she needed to go potty. 20 minutes after that, needed more water. 20 minutes after that, she was desperate to brush her teeth "before the fall out." Finally, she quieted down and we were all back to sleep around 4AM.

7AM this morning. Kid's awake and feeling fine. Good. I did what every horrible mother does and let her watch some TV while I tried to sleep a little more! 7:30AM, she announces a headache. More fighting to get the Motrin down. 10 minutes later, doc office calls - it's strep. Calling in prescription to pharmacy.

Take shower (see, did get ONE planned thing done this weekend!) and off Leda and I go to pharmacy for her medicine. Also picked up Pedilyte Popsicles - these will come in handy later today as I will need to use them as a bribe to Leda to keep down the medicine! As I did with the vitamin that she wanted to take instead of the medicine that she spit up at me! Oh, this weekend is getting funner and funner!

20 minutes later, Leda tells me she feels good and that we should be able to proceed with our plans for the weekend. At least the one where we go to Target and buy the Pinocchio movie (of course, this is the only one that is of any importance to her!) So, we'll see. Maybe after lunch, we will venture out to Target. We'll see. The only plan we have now is to fly by the seat of our pants!

And hope my baby feels better soon!!!

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