Monday, November 3, 2008

One More Day

Well, here we are, the day before the election! A very important election and historic either way. Living in a 'swing' state, the phone has been ringing off the hook this past 48 hours! I guess, since both Brock and I have volunteered for one of the campaigns, we aren't getting as many as others! I know some people have had twice as many calls and visits as us!

Being that this election season has been the LONGEST of all time (like, hasn't this been going on for.EVER), I'm so looking forward to the day when not one news station or news program will discuss politics. At least not election politics! It's been a long hard road.

Leda's been aware that something is happening. She knows the candidates names and knows the one we are supporting. We've even been good about not portraying the other side as bad or wrong, just that this is an election and that both sides are good, we just like one candidate more than the other. That it is okay to disagree, it doesn't mean that who you disagree with is bad. But in three-year-old land, there's only good and bad. This is what we get for letting her watch princess movies!

It occurred to me yesterday, as I was trying to explain to her who Joe Biden was (since she was confusing him with John McCain...hey, they both have gray hair, it's an easy mistake) that the next election cycle, Leda's going to be old enough to start understanding more about our democracy. And it bummed me out a little bit, considering the historic connotation of this election and how Leda will have to read about it in history books rather than 'live' it. That she will more than likely not remember this because she's too young.

Then I realized that either way this election goes, something that seemed almost impossible when I was a kid is no longer impossible. That an African-American man CAN be President or a woman CAN be Vice-President. And my child will never have to wonder when in her lifetime would one of those things happen.

And, regardless of your party affiliation, isn't that pretty darn cool?

Get out in vote! And if you aren't registered, get registered and vote in the next election. It's a right as an American that we ALL are born with. We shouldn't take it lightly as it is something a lot of other people in this world don't have the right to do. VOTE!

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